Thursday, August 31, 2006

The weekend's fast approaching...

... and I have no plans as yet. not really bothered though - may just get a bottle of wine and cook something nice for dinner and watch tv if nothing better comes up.
Work went sooo quickly today even though i ended up being in early and leaving late. B was back from a few days off so it was good to catch up on gossip and have a laugh - I do miss yelling across the corridor when she's not there.
I'm sure something happened today that I wanted to write here, but the braincell's gone awol again.
Really need to get arse in gear and make some cards & jewellery - why do I seem to say this every day yet still never get anything - I can now add Miss JP to my list of people to blame cos now that she's get bb she's my newest MSN buddy - wooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!! One night of it and she is already turning into a total smileywhore - can't imagine who she gets that from.
Anyways little bloggies I'm off to have a nice glass of red and watch Dragon's Den.

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