Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's been a really good day. Only problem is that since it turned cooler at nights I'm back to not sleeping well again (slept like a lamb when it was hot the last few weeks), after feeling groggy yesterday because I went back to sleep, I just got up when I woke this morning. Faffed about a bit and left for work around 07:40.
When I got into the office there was a message in my work inbox that made my day - don't know what it was about it, just one of those things I suppose - so thanks for that S.
B and I went food shopping at lunchtime time and I bumped into Mum, who told me I looked nice. In fact loads of people told me I looked nice today - must've been because I had on my top that makes me look like a ladybird.
Got away at 5 tonight cos S & A were down south. Not done anything since I got home apart from read a bit and had a bath. Have some crystals to stick on stuff tonight.
Got a text from L late last night - she is so excited about getting married on Saturday. I was excited for her too, although I think if it was me getting married I would find it hard to get excited - would prefer something low key (perhaps so low key that I wouldn't even bother!).

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