Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lazy Days

Plans for today got changed last night - not now going to Edinburgh til tomorrow so have basically faffed around doing nothing - was going to get dressed a few minutes ago then I realised it was 17:00 so hardly worth it. Will just wait til about 20:00 now.
Stupid blogger won't add photos to my posts for some reason - it seems to upload them ok, but they just don't show, which has made me mad cos I wanted to post some of my holiday ones.
Not much else to report - getting hair done on Tuesday - can't wait. Saw a couple of nice tops for the autumn weather, but should really wait until car has had MOT on Thu as don't get paid for another couple of weeks.
I'm determined tonight to make some cards and stuff - but I just never seem to get round to it - really having problems getting to grips with the dark nights.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tales of my travels & being back home

Got back on Sunday, but finding it difficult to get back in the swing of things so not been in the mood for writing here. Holiday was lovely and relaxing. Weather was mostly good although we had a few iffy days - also saw a couple of spectacular thunder storms.

Don't think I'd rush back to the resort as it was a sprawling and characterless, but the old town of Alcudia was really nice.

Did an island tour one day, which started off with a bus ride to Palma, which is absolutely gorgeous. After that we went on the old wooden lemon train and then got a tram to Soller. Went out on a boat round the bay, but couldn't go further as it was too stormy. Then the bus went up over the mountains and on the way back down I saw a baby donkey!!!!! That's me achieved one of my lifetime ambitions.

Went on another boat trip to Formentor - a bit of a disappointment - scenery not the most interesting - after you've seen cliffs for 20 mins, the next hour seems a bit repetitive. Formentor was a bit of a disappointment too - a really pretty bay but there didn't seem to be much there apart from an overpriced cafe.

Got a pretty good tan - the Germans have to be up early to beat me to the beach, although I did make friends with the German men who used to have the sunbeds next to me - taught them English for sunbed and some other English words and swapped some good stories with them (although I don't speak any German). Unfortunately since I got home tan is fading fast.

Went back to work on Tuesday - was eventful - went to conference for some lunch and one of the waitresses got stung and went into anaphylactic (sp?) shock - was really frightening - luckily some of our guys knew how to deal with it and helped her until the paramedics got there. A brought B and me back lovely Ghost perfume from his hols - it smells yummy - can't wait to go somewhere now to wear it.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the crane opening ceremony. Went really well - I bet there's not many people who can say they've seen fireworks on a crane in broad daylight - was remarkably effective though. Was so tired last night as it was a long day - couldn't even stay up past 22:00, which is mega early for me.
Weekend already tomorrow - think I'm meeting Miss JP in Ed on Saturday. Really looking forward to next weekend too.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

¡Hasta luego!

Hey little bloggy-type people. No entries for the next couple of weeks, as I'm off on holiday.

I'll hopefully return nice and brown with lots of tales to tell.

¡Hasta luego!

Friday, September 08, 2006

No Space but lots of Oddity

Well, I wasn't up in space, but odd things in abundance today.

Firstly I ate a Japanese chocolate this morning - "that's not not odd Lisa" you'd think, but it was. It had this thick sort of flavourless jelly stuff round it dusted with cocoa and some not very sweet chocolate in the middle. Wouldn't rush to eat another one - give me a peanut butter kitkat or toffee crisp any day.

Secondly I was driving into town at lunchtime to see if the Superdrug there had something I wanted but the one round from work didn't (it was a completely wasted journey) and a saw a motorcycle with a sidecar, which in itself isn't an every occurrance round here. Even more peculiar was that in the sidecar was sitting A DOG!!!!! and he wasn't even wearing a helmet. Actually it made me smile so much. I now have a new ambition - to have a dog in a sidecar.

Then when I was in town I am sure I saw the girl who used to cut my hair when I used to go to Vidal Sassoon in Glasgow - she walked out suddenly the day before my last appointment there and I ended up with one of the worst cuts I've ever had in my life. I will need to find out if she's working though here now (although I really like the way the hairdresser I have now cuts my hair). Didn't want to go up and ask her as it's been over 2 years since she cut my hair and if it wasn't her, it might have freaked her out a bit having some randomer coming up to her in the street.

Got some nice eyeshadows and make-up stuffs today, so the next time you see may I will be nice and metallic and shiny.

I'll post more if anything else happens...

I have been tagged by Kathy B
1. Which famous person would you most like to learn that you are descended from?
Nefertitti - I can just picture myself as a beautiful Ancient Egyptian queen, who was a great sun worshipper
2. Which famous person would you hate to learn that you are descended from?
David Hasselhoff - how could anyone live with being the spawn of the Hoff.
3. If you could be ancestor to any living famous person, who would it be and why?
I wouldn't wish fame on any of my descendents, but if I had to pick one (today) it would be Queen Rania of Jordan, purely because she''s done a lot to improve life for many women and children in middle eastern countries.
4. If you could go back in time and meet any known ancestor(s) of yours, who would it be?
My Dad
5. Tag five others:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday waffle

Feeling so much better today - fuzziness has all gone and left with only minor sniffles and cough - whoohoo.

J's 30th tomorrow - made her a card which I'm really happy with (mainly because I like the colours. The background of the card is white (just in case it looks like the tags are sticking over the top of the blue card).

Considering all I did last night was make 2 cards, I have made one hell of a mess - thank goodness I can just shut the door in this room (although will get it cleared before I go away at the weekend).

PS3 not now being released until next year - that's one less temptation for LB!!!

Til later.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday tales

At the moment I'm sort of living in a fuzzy-headed, open-mouthed blur. I reckon this is how it feels to be a bit thick. At least I'll be back to normal tomorrow with any luck.

Had the most random thoughts though - examply - was sitting at work today at SW's desk looking out the window watching the lorries come in and out and into my head popped "I wonder when the queen will die" Does she resemble a container lorry - perhaps; is it because I saw a bit about that film with Helen Mirren playing the queen - perhaps. Who knows the random thoughts of me.

One good thing - Superdrug just round from work has started selling Barry M make-up - prepare to see me with a different look every day!!!!

Question, little bloggy-type readers - do any of you have WoW - I want it so much and I need many tales of it's greatness.

Where do all the hours go - I've been home from work for 4 hours and all I've managed to do is a couple of cards.

TTFN - off for a cup of hot orange.

Monday, September 04, 2006

All of a flutter

OMG I nearly killed a big falcon/kestral type bird tonight on the way home. It flew really slowly in front of my only about 3 feet above the ground. I was singing at the top of my voice (along to Alanis you'll be pleased to know, Matty) so perhaps my sweet voice seduced it. Got the fright of my life though, cos thus far I've managed not to kill anything on the roads.

Met my new neighbour tonight - he seems ok - he wanted to borrow a screwdriver to put a bulb in the outside light - hehe I'm so used to the lights always being out I barely even notice it.

Still choked with cold - have 3 cards to make tonight and can't decide whether to do them before my bath or have a nap and do them after. I am useless at minor decisions like this.
That's all for tonight - too hideously ugly to write anything more - bad hair/red nose/runny eyes/tingly lips - the stuff of fantasies or what!!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's all over now

I hate to mention this, but it's now official - Summer is over!!! The cold rainy days, cold rainy nights, cold rainy weekends (are you beginning to see a pattern here?) and dark nights are upon us. I miss summer so much already and it's only been over for 2 days.
So today, apart from feeling a bit lost without the sun and very very cold, I've done nothing much - moved some big stuffs around in the kitchen and cleaned the tops of the cupboards - cause of much snuffles and sneezing for the rest of the day. Now need to find someplace to put some of the surplus stuff - mainly bottles in case I decide to have another cocktail party one day. Might put them in the living room unit if I can find someplace for the games & software that I've shoved in there.
In between doing that I've managed to get 20 or so of my fave cds on mp3 - will probably work through the rest of them in order now.
Not going out tonight cos it's cold and will probably rain again and not really in the mood for drinking!!