Friday, August 18, 2006

Freaky Friday

Ugh today is horrible - wet, grey, dark and miserable - thank goodness I'm already in my jammies. A perfect night for a long hot bath (with the added temptation of my holiday books - must not read them before I go!!).
Went to Stirling this morning - couldn't get the scarf/belt for G, which is a pity, but I got a couple of bags - one of them I'm thinking about getting another one the same to keep in reserve as it would be perfect for an overnight bag if I'm staying at Miss JP's. Wasn't away long though cos you know how bored I get in the shops. Oh, and I saw a really nice jumper but I refused to buy it since it was only August still
Really need to get my arse in gear over this weekend and do stuff (lmao like drool over Nintendo DS - I'd love one of these with Big Brain Academy).
That's all for today - it's too rainy and ugly to write anything else.


maggie said...

Lisa the weather hear is bad to it's never stoped raining.But never mind my sister tells me it's still hot in Majorca told her to leave the sun for us that have yet to go.We are going into Kirkcaldy tomorrow to see if we can get some more clothes for our holiday i wont hold my breath as we were in Dundee a couple of weeks ago & the shops are putting out all their winter clothes.

Freckles said...

You know you are always welcome, I am hopefully going to sort the spare room out soon!!