Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love is in the Air

Stewart's sister and her boyfriend got engaged on holiday, so I made this card for them. I'm not going to post it as they're coming to my murder on Saturday anyway.

Paper and dark card are DCVW. Light gold card is Paper Cellar stuff I got in a mix box last year around this time. Dies used are Cuttlebug Circle Frames & Hearts. I printed the words in Missed Your Exit and chalked round the papers with a tan(ish) colour.

Tomorrow will be like Friday for me as it's my last day of work this week - in fact the way I've wangled my annual leave, last Friday was the last full Friday I'll work all year. Got to spend the day getting ready for the murder on Saturday - it seems to have gone from being weeks and weeks away to only being a couple of days away in the blink of an eye. Hopefully I'll spend some time getting organised Friday afternoon/Saturday during the day.

Thanks for looking

Toodles xoxo

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ahoy There Matey!!!

This is a card I did for a colleague who has someone in her department retiring on Friday - really quite pleased with this one (just cos the papers are so cool).

The chap retiring is one of the Assistant Harbourmasters, so I think this one is quite apt. All the papers are English Paper Company (it's such a shame they're closing down - need more decent Brit paper manufacturers), cricle frame is a Cuttlebug one and the text is printed using Boring Showers font (another current fave of mine). I chalked the edges of the ship circle with dark blue and used a light sky blue round the edges of the papers.

This is a necklace and simple earrings I made for a lady in our neighbourhood (actually, do we have neighbourhoods in Scotland or am I [SHOCK HORROR!!!] turning all Americanified?). I used 4mm & 6mm Swarovski bicone crystals in Clear & Jet. A 40mm Teardrop Pendant in Clear. Home-made pendant-bail-type-thingy is made using sterling silver wire and bicone beads. Toggle clasp is also sterling silver.

Thanks for looking. I'll be back with more things soon.

Toodles xoxo

Card Backlog

It's been a long long time since I've blogged craft stuff, so I've got a few things to show. Alos got some stuff I did at the tail end of last week, so I'll post that too in a bit.

These are the thank-you cards I did for Stewart and I to give to family and friends for the engagement presents we were given. I used pearlescant card in pale pistachio and bramble (not official colours - I just made em up!). The square background and frame are Cuttlebug as is the flower. I printed the "Thank You" using Baby Bowser font.

Some of you will already know I'm not much of a stamper, but I bought this one off someone on the Crafts by Carolyn forum last year (or perhaps the year before), so thought I'd better try it out. I stamped the image in black then painted a tiny bit of it with the mucho cheapo Twinkling H2O-type paints from The Works. I then chalked around the stamped image and mounted it on pearlescent black card. Again the text is printed using Baby Bowser font (loving this one atm).

This is the card I made for Mum's birthday (way back in September). I didn't have time to scan it when I made it (last-minute Lisa strikes again) but saw it in her house one time, so reclaimed it. The flower in the top corner sticks out from the top of the card, and if I was making one again I'd put it in a bigger envelope. Papers are Making Memories - Kate (really pretty papers) and the flowers are made using all 4 of the Bosskut Create-a-Flower dies in Wildflower. Lettering was done on cardstock in WordArt then hand cut.

Will be back soon with more - hope you can manage to stay awake, bloggy-types.

Toodles xoxo

Monday, November 26, 2007


Nope, not the Californian airport, but me!!! It really doesn't seem like 2 weeks since I last blogged. Still not quite over the stomach bug I had when I came back from hols - now been to docs twice in 3 weeks (usually I'm only there twice a year for routine stuff). Anyways hopefully it's on the turn now (I'm not ill or anything now, just a little below par and sporadic stomach upsets etc).

Anyways, onto the happy stuff now. Had a lovely chilling weekend with Stu (well apart from me working on Saturday), watched the darts & movies. Finally saw the new Vinnie Jones one they gave away with one of the Sunday papers - was actually really good.

I now no longer have to work a full Friday for the rest of the year, as I'm away in the afternoons for xmas lunch on 2 of them and on annual leave days the other 3 - so happy cos I love being off on a Friday (even though it's a shorter day/longer lunch break etc).

Got my first DT kit from Craft Fairies and it's well gorgeous. Can't wait to get stuck in about it :D:D

Toodles for now xoxo

Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Catch-up

Had a pretty chilling weekend this week, which is just what I needed. Did the weekly shop on Friday for a change (I didn't like it as much as doing it on Sat mornings) and got 3 nice bottles of wine from Asda. Stu made dinner and we watched Shawn of the Dead, which was quite good.
On Sat J came round for lunch. I made crab cakes from a James Martine recipe, but to be honest next time I would use a different recipe as I felt they were too mushy (hence no photo) - they tasted ok though.
Sat night Stu made a lovely chicken dopiaza and rice using the red saffron we brought back from Egypt. Watched the remake of the Omen, which was pretty good for a remake, but still not as good as the original and little Damian wasn't half as cute.
On Sunday we went to visit Stu's grandparents - was nice to finally meet them. His uncle and little cousins were there too, so it was a bit of a houseful. Commandeered a wee shot of his cousin's Nintendo DS which was well fun. Stu made dinner again on Sunday night. Garlic mushrooms then pork chops with nice seasoning and mash followed by rhubarb crumble and custard - was well yummy, but I've had to be good today.
Got a couple of cards to make for Mum tonight and I need to dig out some beads as I have a necklace to make for someone too - need to give her a call tomorrow afternoon to find out exactly what she would like.
Will be back soon with the next installment of the Egypt trip.
Toodles xoxo

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Four Things

I've been tagged by the lovely Rhi, so here's 4 things you may or may not already know about me:
4 Jobs I've had
I worked for an open cast coal company as admin/weighbridge operator
I ran a small office
Worked in a pub part-time
4 Places I have visited
4 Places I have lived
'fraid I've always lived in Falkirk, although I have lived in exactly 4 different houses
4 Favourite foods
Percy Pigs
4 Places I would rather be
Lying on the beach
Seville (top of my wish list)
In a land where I have a cleaning fairy
In a hot bath
Bet the excitement of my lifes far has blown you all away!!!!
Toodles xoxo

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Egypt - Day 2 - Friday

Edfu & Kom Ombo
After visiting the West Bank on Thursday, we then set sail for Edfu. Edfu Temple is dedicated to Horus (the falcon-headed god) and is one of my favourite temples.

After leaving Edfu we set sail straight away for Kom Ombo, which is quite a small temple, but very interesting as it has the first medical references and mummified crocodiles!!!

Then it was time to set sail for Aswan. Took until late evening to get there. Friday night was an Egyptian-themed night, so me and Stu were in full costume when he proposed - all very romantic under the moonlight :D so I thought I'd add a nice photo of an Egyptian sunset.

More to come soon - hope I'm not boring all you bloggy-types.

Toodles xoxo

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Ring

Well we finally managed to go ring shopping on Saturday, and both Stewart and I managed to get rings we absolutely love (although Stu's won't be here til Friday as it was too big).

This is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The photo doesn't do it justice - it's absolutely gorgeous - white gold with 6 diamonds and a perfect style for me.

I'm over the moon!!!!!!!!!!!