Monday, August 28, 2006

In the Beginning...

...of the week, it was Monday!!
Week got off to an alright start, although been feeling a bit sorry for myself over the last few days as keep feeling like I'm getting a cold (swollen-feeling throat that tastes like old spoons/sore ears etc) but it keeps coming to nothing so should stop soon. Woke up during the night feeling sick but that may have had something to do with me going to sleep with a hoody on and the hood up - I was melting and just felt the blood drain.
Argghhh enough woes - now for the good stuff - cheered myself up with a sunbed at lunchtime (although it will be my last before hols as the tanorexics I know say you should leave a gap before going on holiday as you get a better tan (knowing my luck it will piss it down for a fortnight).
Felt on a total downer last night for some reason (probably throat & ears) but a cracking game of D2 with M cheered me up no end. Nothing like spending a couple of hours bashing the hell out of monsters with your friends for chasing away the blues.
Not a bank holiday here today (well the banks were closed cos they take English holidays but nothing else was so work as usual, though it was pretty quiet re incoming stuff.
Still not finished the hall - it can wait a couple of weeks now, as I have to make 7 cards for the start of next week - flat will be like Blue Peter studio!!!
Got another book today - The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova - will tell you readers if it's any good once I've finished it.
Ok that's all now - I know it doesn't seem much good stuff, but I'm such a happy little bunny it doesn't take much to please me.


Freckles said...

Sorry to hear that ou are not feeling well - hope that you get a good nights sleep tonight (no hoody!)
Still not booked holiday but a little closer to it, so you will have to recommend some reads for me. We need to set a date for meeting up too xx

maggie said...

Aw Lisa i hope your feeling better soon after all you have your jollies coming up so you need to be better for then.
Take care