Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Today (even though I keep thinking it's Wednesday)

Well, I was successful in my hunt for an MP3 player last night, which is good, so spend today looking for a set of phones cost the bundled ones will be rubbish. Sods law says I'll have my nice Sennheiser phones for about 4 days before the player arrives, but such is life.
Also ordered some jewellery making stuff this morning, as I need to get back into the swing of making stuff.
Think we have holiday sorted - M is going to book it in morning - looking like I'll be off to Alcudia for 2 weeks on 10 September. Never been there before, but apparently only an hour or so from Palma (I have already decided I want to go to the flea market, which is on Saturdays). Apparently Alcudia has massive (approx 5km I think) beach and nice restaurants so can't really ask for anything more.
That's about it really - off to have a bath with olive oil and salt in it, so will be nice and al dente later (honestly, it's really good for your skin).

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