Sunday, August 06, 2006

This Weekend

Was L's wedding yesterday. She got a really good day for it and she looked amazing. Was a civil ceremony, which I much prefer to a religious one - my mind wanders less. Was good to catch up with a few friends I haven't seen in ages. Only thing is I always find it a bit awkward at weddings as I always seem to be the only single person there.
Have a sort of big bruise-type thing on my foot today, but no one stood on me, so must be old torn ligaments flaring up again cos it's on the foot where I tore them really badly (rofl as opposed to the other foot where I just tore them a bit!!).
Woke up during the night with the beginnings of a cold and spend most of the morning and afternoon with a tissue at my nose and drinking hot lemon, although it seems to have lifted a bit now - hopefully I managed to catch it in time.
Can't believe weekend is almost over - 2 days just isn't long enough. Think I'll take a couple of days off not next week but next again.
Eating this weekend has been really good - didn't eat desert at wedding (although only cos it was really chocolatey and not a big chocolate lover). Did have 6 Percy Pigs though - will cut something out tomorrow to cover it. Really want a beach bod in next 5 weeks, but somehow don't think that'll happen (esp as I'd also like to be 4 inches taller!!).

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