Sunday, August 27, 2006

Brain Dead

OMG been up since really early this morning so thought I'd build myself a website. I used to be really into site building but haven't done anything at all (even updating) in about 3 years ago. My little braincell is soooo rusty. It's fun though, trying to remember how to do stuff.
Apart from being thick, this weekend I've done nothing much - slept loads yesterday (probably though doing nothing-ness). Really wanted to go an see the Pixies movie this lunchtime, but I decided it would be no fun going alone as there would be no one to talk about it with afterwards. So will just wait til it comes out on dvd and see if I can bribe anyone to watch it with me then.
Aiming to make some jewellery this afternoon (although best laid plans and all that). Need to do a couple of wedding cards too.

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