Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday's Trials & Tribulations

Actually no trials or tribulations at all - maybe should have entitled today's entry 'Tuesday Goes Smoothly'.
Mum's ordered some jewellery from me to wear to A & R's wedding in a few weeks - hope she picks up some orders when she's there - should be a nice wedding as they're having it in the house with a marquee in the garden (and no religion!!). A loved the earrings and pendant I made for her - really glad - she is my best advert. After a few months of not really being into making stuff (probably cos of being so stretched in the run up to crimbo last year) really getting the bug again.
Going to get started on spiders when I get paid because I've already had a few enquiries about them this year.
Did eat far too much because had pasta and a glass of wine for dinner - haven't been great this week so far - must get back on straight and narrow tomorrow - at least I didn't eat the mini toffee crisp that was looking at me.
Off to some comedy thing at the festival on Sunday with Miss JP and L should be good cos not seen J for ages.

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