Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday's Wonderful Achievements

Wow, I've achieved so much today and it's not even dinner time:
  1. Holiday is all booked - off to Majorca for a couple of weeks on 10 Sept (actually my input in this was "yup that's fine by me, book it")
  2. Car stereo is now fitted after lying in dining room for about 3 months - actually had v. little input in this either - a lovely guy at work I don't know fitted it at lunch time today for me. Such a good idea asking C yesterday if he could fit car stereos cos he said "no, but B might be able to - I'll send him up tomorrow lunchtime!"
  3. New phones for MP3 player will be on their way soon - it so helps if you remember you cancelled your old debit card when it's newest version went awol in post (esp if it's been ages since you ordered off Amazon but don't want to risk getting fake phones on Ebay).
  4. Managed to last til almost 17:00 without smearing black eye make-up all over my face - quite a feat for me as usually I've rubbed my eyes before 09:00!
  5. Still keeping up my resistance to reading any of the 4 new holiday books I have so far, although not making any promises on this one.

All I need to do now is work out how to get to Dundee - I thought you went to Perth (which I now know how to do after taking the scenic route the last time) and kept going, but F said she reckoned you go over the bridge and keep going. Actually I probably have other stuff to do (like stripping that bloody hall) but maybe the pixies will do it when I'm asleep.

Til tomorrow (or a different day)...

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Kathy said...

where did that og then? my message went AWOL!
try again: I think I need you to have a go at MY "to do" list - or should that be I need you to organise some other people to do my to do list.........