Friday, August 04, 2006


... is getting away early from work, coming home, grabbing a quick shower to freshen up, then a nice nap. Don't know why I enjoy doing that so much on a Friday - perhaps because I always used to go out on a Thursday night so was shattered when I got home from work.
Today's been really good - not for any particular reason, just been a good, fun day.
L's big day tomrrow - just going to give her pressie to her at the reception, as she only came up on Thursday morning so not had a chance to see her yet.
Can't believe it's another 10 days til payday - will need to watch what I'm doing until then - bought far too many summer clothes this month, but what else could I do when the weather was good.

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maggie said...

I Know what you mean about buying new clothes i am waiting for an order comming from a new catalogue i have just seen.Just thought i would order some tops total amount £156.00 BUT i orderd them in 2 different sizes to see which ones fit best.