Monday, August 14, 2006

When Monday Comes Around

My mission today is to get my filthy paws on an MP3 player for a really good price. Don't want an Ipod (too common) - must be a Creative (better spec).

Apart from that, went to see Rich Hall at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh last night. Mostly the show was good (although there were bits that I didn't find particularly funny) but it was spoilt a bit by a complete moron heckler in the audience who though he was the comedian (words rhyming with banker spring to mind!!).
Got last train home, then had to go to Tesco (as hadn't had any dinner and had far too much caffiene so was feeling a bit sick) for some shopping, so it was after 01:00 when I got home. Couldn't sleep until after 02:30, so was surprised that I wasn't too tired today.

Nothing more to report really - cut some oregano from the garden to put in pasta sauce for dinner tonight, but now not sure if I'm hungry or not.

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