Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I've decided I absolutely love being me. I know some things don't quite go according to plan in my life (well most things if I'm being perfectly honest), but who wants their life running to a boring rigid plan - much more fun to take things as they come.

I know my post on Sunday make me sound a total miserable bugger, but it was only done through boredom. In reality I have so many good things going on - the best family & friends in the world (even got the best cyber friends ever!!), a great job which I love, working with great people (none of them even know this blog exists so no chance of them getting big headed).
I've got no regrets, even the stupid stuff that I've done that has made me look at complete idiot. There are really bad things which have happened, and would do anything to change, but unfortunately these have all been out of my control.
Looking forward to going to college on a Monday night starting September to do Photoshop. Got a million other things I'd like to get done before that though...

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