Monday, July 30, 2007

Where do they go??

The weekends that is - just seems to be Monday again so quickly. Was at D & B's wedding on Saturday. The service was at Linlithgow Palace, which is such a nice setting - was a great day and we were lucky to be sitting at a really good table later on with people we both knew (I was surprised when S knew as many people as I did - which wasn't a lot). Didn't decide what to wear until the morning, and opted for my pinkish skirt (cos it was a bit blowy and this skirt has a narrow lining). Drank far too much (even after we said we wouldn't) so just faffed around on Sunday. Have a v. sore ankle cos someone stood on my at the reception - quite swollen and going to have a cracking bruise in a few days (still only bruised rounde the outside of the swelling atm), so may be wearing trousers to the wedding reception we're going to next week.

Watched The Prestige at night - was really really good - would recommend it to everyone. Had a gripping storyline all the way and a really wicked twist in the tale at the end. I'm off to see Goldfinger tomorrow (they're only showing it at the cinema for one week) and The Simpsons on Thursday (spider pig, spider pig!!!) - turning into quite the movie buff these days.

Also finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - a bit disappointed that the series has come to an end, but we all knew that would happen and really it wouldn't have worked after they had all left Hogwarts and were out working - looks like it's be back to the new Stephen King one I abandoned halfway through.

Off now to clear out my bedroom drawers and shove the stuff into some storage boxes until I get new drawers, cos these ones have totally collapsed and are driving me nuts - serves me right for getting cheap ones - they really can't cope with heavy day-to-day use.

toodles xoxo

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miss Wet T-Shirt

Ok, I've lived in Scotland all my life, so I must either be missing all my faculties or lacking in something. Had to go to Edinburgh for a course this afternoon and, as the place didn't have a carpark, decided to train it. Finally found a space about half a mile from the station and toddled up, personal stereo shoved in ears.
Stupid bloody First Scotrain only put a 3-carriage train on (did no one think to tell them it's the middle of the school holidays???) so had to stand all the way (at least I had something to hold onto after I shoved past the halfwits clogging the door and stepped over a huge bag blocking the aisle). Started to rain a bit, but had stopped by the time I got to Waverley, so didn't think twice about it. Had a window seat at the course and after about an hour it really started to chuck down; "never mind" thinks Lisa the Optimist, "it'll dry up in time for me finishing"...
...needless to say it didn't!!!!
Luckily I was well attired for the unpredictable Scottish weather - NOT!!! I was wearing a light blue vest (luckily with a black cap-sleeved v-neck top over it!!) and flip flops - no jacket/cardigan. As I was crossing the road, looking in my bag on the off chance I had put a brolly in my flip flop went winging off my foot (it's really hard to keep them on when your feet are soaking wet). By the time I got back to Waverley I was soaked to the skin, the bit of vest that was showing was completely see-through, and my toes were all curled trying to keep the bloody flip flops on. I've got sort of hair that you muss up anyway, but it's just not the same when water drips into your eyes whilst mussing.
Stupid first board had wrong platform on it, and by the time I got to the right platform I had missed the train by about 35 seconds. Squelched feet a bit (well tried to stamp them) cos I had 15 mins to wait til the next train, but toddled off the the other side of the station. Managed to get a seat ok, but was drying off by then and I smelled really peculiar (sort of wet doggish).
Why do I never learn???????????? It's Scotland for goodness sake - if you're not going to take a coat at least take a brolly!!!!!!!!!!!!
Off for a nice smelling shower now.
Toodles xoxo

DCM Little Extra - We've got your Number

Finally managed to get round to the Daring Cardmakers Litte Extra this week.
  • Here's the brief: This week we have a numerical Little Extra challenge for you:
    "We've Got Your Number"
    Numbers and Fun? Those two words don't often appear in the same sentence, do they?Well, we'd like you to have some fun with numbers and put a numeral on your card - it's as easy as that

I made this one especially for the challenge, although it is a style I do pretty regularly:

First time I've used my MM Boho Chic Olivia papers. I feel it's still lacking something, but I'll personalise it when I need to use it, then it should be ok. Letter were just printed in word onto white paper, then I cut them out and drew round them onto the MM paper.

Thanks for looking.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Midweek Musings

Been really busy since I last updated on Friday - managed to get the new Harry Potter from Morrisons on Saturday night after many trials and tribulations. Not finished it yet as I'm savouring every page.

Was looking forward to chilling on Sat night, but D & G called after dinner wanting us to go out cos it was their first wedding anniversary, so ended up going out for a few drinks (good thing I can get ready in 5 minutes!!!)
Not made any cards yet this week, although will try and so some tonight. I did this jewellery last night - I really want to start spending some more time again on jewellery - just never seem to have enough hours in the day. The 2 necklaces are for Mum to give to people from work as little gifts now that she's retired.

The earrings are just for stock (haha that makes me sound so organised - in fact my "stock" consists of about 10 items!).

Off to see if I can be a bit productive tonight.

Toodles xoxo

Friday, July 20, 2007

Pottering Around

First of all, here's the card I made with the lovely fishy die I got in a pressie:

I used Basic Grey and Making Memories papers and cut the bowl from acetate using a circle punch. Alphabet is QK Sunshine.

Went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with S last night. It was superb - the best one yet - won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but if you're considering it you MUST go.

So glad Friday's arrived - having a nice chilling weekend this week, although S needs shoes and a shirt, so will chum him into town tomorrow (means I can nip into Asda and get the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which sorts out my Saturday night nicely. We forgot to record Still Game last night, so will need to remember to watch it on Sunday.

Off for a shower then going for dinner, so toodles for a bit bloggy-types xoxo

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shoe Home

Wasn't sure about this die, and the card is by no means perfect, but think I may hang onto it for a bit. Didn't have any reason to make this - just wanted to try the die out (then realised it fitted in perfectly with a challenge on a forum I belong to).

It wasn't as footery as I thought - I did most of the embellishments using water colour pencils (which have been tucked away unused in a drawer for a couple of years) and my imitation H2Os from the Works. papers are Making Memories Cosmopolitan.

I got a lovely treat through the post today from a very very kind person - a great fishy die for my Cuttlebug - if you read this thanks so much - can't wait to try it out later :D:D

Extremely excited cos going to the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow. Went round to S's for tea tonight and was trying to persuade him to come with me at midnight on Friday to get the Deathly Hallows, but he was having none of it!!!

No reviews tonight as not finished the new Stephen King yet, so still need to give it a chance, although first impressions are a bit boring - I may have to eat my words though, who knows!

toodles xoxo

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Why is it whenever I have a night planned out for making stuff my mind just seems to go a complete blank? I only ever seem to be able to come up with stuff when I'm on a mega-tight deadline! Left work on time tonight, had early dinner and bath and have now been sitting for almost an hour thinking of what cards/jewellery I could make and I just can't think of a single thing. I should be making a stock of cards/jewellery stuff in my attempt to one day sell a decent amount, but just faffing about on T'internet instead.

I'll do a little book review whilst I'm here though...finished The Sound of Laughter by Peter Kay. It is seriously funny - virtually the whole way through it I could imagine him relating the stories in his stand-up. Gave it to S after I finished it and judging by the laughing last night he'll be giving it the tumbs-up too.

Also started Resident Evil 4 on the PS2, but not very good at shooting games - graphics great thought and I'll hopefully get the hang of the controls soon (actually so restless tonight not in the mood for playing games either. Have sort of given up on Broken Sword III even though I reckon I'm near the end of the game, not because it's difficult or anything - just very boring, which was a big disappointment as I loved the other 2.

Off to hope some ideas spring into my empty head.

toodles xoxo

Monday, July 16, 2007


Managed to get my holidays booked on Saturday. S and I are off down the Nile for a week in October - can't wait :D:D. Booked the flights down to Gatwick too - having to go BA as Easyjet don't have an early enough one anymore, but tbh the price difference was hardly anything. Luckily I don't need any clothes or anything for going away, as summer stuff from last year hasn't been on yet this summer!!
Also managed to get nice shoes for the weddings coming up this summer and S got a really cool suit.
Didn't go out at the weekend - just chilled and had a nice dinner (and far too much to drink, but spent most of yesterday suffering for that!!!)
On holiday today (for some reason we get the Glasgow Monday not the Falkirk one??) and it is pissing down, but going to get the flat tidied and hopefully will make some stuff this afternoon. Have 2 necklaces I must do for Mum to give to people so will deffo get them done. Pre ordered the new BG 6x6 pads today too.
Off to get the hoover out now, so toodles for a bit. xoxo

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whatever U Quant...

I made this for baby sis G's birthday (yeah I know it was in May but she's only just got her finger out and told me what she would like). Called it Mary Quant because of the little flowers and black and white (clear) colour. I used Swarovski bicone crystals in jet and clear in 4mm and 6mm, along with 8mm jet bicones and 8mm clear flowers, strung on a memory wire coil.

Going to try and do some stuff fore myself for going on holiday (got til Oct so should get something done). Will hopefully get something made later tonight, but must tackle a bit of tidying in this spare room first.

S gave me a Pixies tour DVD on Monday, which is absolutely fantastic - we watched it on Monday night (although S isn't a massive Pixies fan - he'll grow to like em though!!). Was looking for myself at the bonus track from T in the Park in 2004, but couldn't see myself.

Went to see Die Hard 4 last night. I'm not generally a lover of action films, but it was really really good (perhaps 20-30 mins too long towards the end, but I often think that about films). Would definitely recommend it :D:D:D

Since I'm on recommendations now, if you're looking for a hilariously funny book this summer, Chart Throb by Ben Elton is a must read. It's a total piss-take of all those X Factor/Pop Idol type shows and very very witty and clever.

Toodles xoxo

Monday, July 09, 2007


T in the Park was fab this year. Great atmosphere, great bands, great company (and the whole event featured a lot less neds than it did the last time I was there, 3 years ago). We were slightly concerned about the time it would take us to get there, given the 6-10 hour delays on the road up on Friday and advice not to drive etc, so we left a bit earlier (11:45ish). Lucikly we strolled straight up, arriving about 12:30ish and straight into a carpark.
Weather was ok on Saturday, and the site wasn't anywhere near the mudbath I imagined, although wellies were definitely the order of the day (luckily S managed to borrow a pair of hiking boots from A), especially for the 20 minute or so walk from the car park to the site. Got into the site then braced ourselves for the bar token queue. Probably waited about 30 minutes or so, but everyone was in good spirits and it wasn't too bad at all really. The one benefit of the big bar token queue is that you get served at the bar really quickly, so drinks in hand we set off for a stroll.
Managed to catch the very end of The Skids - was disappointed I hadn't seen more of them, cos they are a legend, but c'est la vie. Then headed off towards the NME stage (where we spent most of Saturday). NME was running a bit out of sync owing to Amy Winehouse not turning up, so caught some of Little Man Tate (who were not bad) whilst waiting for The Thrills, who were one of my "must sees" of the weekend and didn't disappoint :D.
Then headed off to the Main Stage to see James who were superb, then back to NME cos the atmosphere was better and the ground drier for sitting on. Lowlight followed with the atrocious performance of Babyshambles (wasn't a fan to begin with and they've gone down even further in my estimation). Then had a bit of a chill and some food, and we split up - S and I went to Pet Sounds to see Rufus Wainwright who was good and C and A went to Klaxons at King Tut's.
The original plan was that C and A were going to see The Killers headline and S and I were going to catch a bit of Brian Wilson at Pet Sounds and head off to The Killers, but Brian Wilson was so great we stayed right to the end and didn't see any of The Killers (I wasn't too fussed as had seen them a few months ago anyway).
After this came the dreaded lost in the carpark scenario. C and A had left before the end and texted to say they'd get us at the car (A had driven up and C was driving home). Only thing is C had moved the car and S and I didn't have a clue where it was to begin with (I hate the country - I lose all sense of direction in it), took us about an hour and a half to find each other, so at least we missed all the traffic getting out of the car parks, but poor S's feet were killing him cos A's hiking boots were a size too small.
Straight to bed when I got home, then back up to do it all again - just me and C this time. Didn't leave until 12:15 on the Sunday, but like the day before we strolled up without any traffic worries. Most of the acts we wanted to see were on the Main Stage, so luckily we brought folding chairs, cos the ground was a bit softer there, but had dried out nicely overnight. Caught the tail end of Avril Lavigne (wasn't interested so didn't pay attention). Then Goo Goo Dolls who were great, Paolo Nutini (played the same set as when I saw him a couple of months ago) and The Fratellis - didn't think the sound setup on this stage favoured either of them. Kings of Leon were up next, but I had already seen them and really wanted to see Ocean Colour Scene, although once again they were playing King Tut's and it was packed out and we couldn't get in, so parked outside for a bit, then grabbed a bite to eat and caught the very end of the Kings of Leon. They were followed by Scissor Sisters who were good but would have been better if there was less talking and more performing.
Headlining on Sunday were Snow Patrol, never been a huge fan of them, but they were great! They also managed to amass an impressive collection of shows/wellies which were thrown on stage (including one pair!) which was a huge crowd pleaser. The guy in the spidey mask climing the sound rigging also got more than one cheer.
Then off to find the car again - even though I had been really paying attention walking in I still didn't have a clue once it got dark, but all credit to C, even though she had had a few drinks she still knew exactly where it was. 20 mins to get out of carparks then straight down the road so not bad travelling time at all.
Highlights of the weekend - Snow Patrol and The Thrills were both superb, but my award has to go to Brian Wilson, who had the aptly-named Pet Sounds Arena absolutely buzzzing.
toodles xoxo

Thursday, July 05, 2007


... me timbers!!! When I looked at my new BG Scarlet's Letter pad which arrived on Tuesday it just screamed "vampires or pirates" at me. Then found out it was J's birthday next week, so thought I'd make this for her.

As well as one of the Scarlet's Letter papers, I cut out a flag and chalked the edges with white. I then added a skull & cross bones (cut using a BossKut die) and added lettering in QK Sunshine. I know you can't see the words very well, but I thought that made it sort of blend in wel with the background.

Really want to go away later in the year so picked up some holiday brochures to flick through over the next couple of days.

On a more sunny (or should that be showery) note, the weather forecast for T in the Park at the weekend seems to be changing hour-to-hour. Earlier today forecast was hot and bright sun - now it says it will be colder and pissing down - just need to play it by ear on the day I reckon.

toodles for now xoxo - may not be back for a couple of days if traffic home from TitP is bad.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This is...

... the card I did for B to give to her brother when he gets his MBE tomorrow. The only photo she had was a really poor quality scan, but thought it would be a nice keepsake of the day.

I used Making Memories papers and a Sizzix Texturz plate. The wooden button is from my old livingroom cushions.

Was gutted cos the beads for G's bracelet came when I was at work today but they were sent recorded so I missed them and she has to leave at 04:00 for her flight tomorrow (normally get stuff sent to work, but this time was hoping they'd come on Saturday so got them posted here - sods law).

Got a nice little delivery of the new BG Infuse 6x6 pad, and also Scarlet's Letter, which I wasn't sure if I would like, but do :D:D


Monday, July 02, 2007

Squishy Wishy

I have a sad admission to make - tomorrow I'm going to go and buy wellies for T in the Park - ugh ugh ugh me and ugly rubber footwear just don't go. Would like nice skull ones, but too lazy to look far and a bit skint (as per usual). Also managed to get a nice long summer skirt today just in case...(still the eternal optimist even though it's been pissing it down all weekend).

Have only made one card tonight (for B to give her bro for getting an MBE) so will do a scan tomorrow - more of a scrapbook style cos felt it would be good to add a photo.

Went to Linlithgow on Saturday afternoon and it was so nice (normally I just nip into Aldi then jump back in the car). Went for a walk around the loch where there are hundreds of swans (too scared to look them in the eye but I think they're quite used to people), some sort of giant mutant ducks which I really liked, some normal ducks and a sweet little jackdaw. Then walked round to the palace and saw a wedding coming out (I'm going to D's wedding there at the end of the month). Wedding looked nice enough, although it has to be said the bride's massive tattoo on her arm didn't really go with her frock.

Then walked along the High Street which was so nice cos mainly little individual shops instead of the normal M&S/Next/Superdrug/Top Shop etc etc (although I suppose it would drive me nuts if I lived there). Went into a lovely little craft shop, which had a really nice selection at reasonable prices. Also saw the most amazing cake shop called
Truly Scrumptious. I wondered if that was where M got her birthday cake, cos it was so cool and looked like the exploding ones. I'd love to try and do a fancy cake - perhaps later in the summer :D:D. Then S spotted a pet shop so we went in and finally managed to get a red tartan collar (which wasn't too pinky) for Charley, G's dog. Deffo going to go back again soon, but next time I'll take my camera so I can get some nice pics of the palace.
toodles xoxo