Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Saga Continues

Arrgghhh still no holiday yet and sort of floundering around aimlessly. Costa de la Luz is working out too expensive - £800 each for 2 weeks self catering in September!! I nearly choked when I heard the price, especially as I'm used to booking 2 days or so before I go.
Sort of opted for Ibiza, I wanted to go to Santa Eulalia, M wanted to go to Puerto San Miguel (until I said it was 4 miles up a hill to the nearest bank/atm/chemist!!! Needless to say that was knocked in the head. The only place I can find in the centre of SE is one that M had been to before and didn't like!! So Ibiza may now be out of the question unless something else decent in the centre of SE comes up.
Now thinking about Mallorca - have heard that Cala D'or is very nice, but apparently other bits are really nice too - wouldn't mind being not too far from Palma because it is gorgeous. Really don't fancy Magaluf though.
Also thought about Canaries - even though I find the resorts really bland there - at least weather would be good in September, but when i told M the size of the cockroaches there that was knocked on the head too.
Thought also about one of the smaller resorts on the Costa del Sol. Greece is also an option, but we've quite a tight window we can go in (cos M needs to get back for some stupid show thing she's going to!!), so doesn't seem to be a huge selection coming up.
Guess how I'll be spending all my spare time this weekend???? So much easier going with F - just go in travel agents, say we want to go in next couple of days and have no money - bingo -holiday appears.

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maggie said...

Lisa santa ponsa is nice haven't stayed there but went for a day.We go to Torrenova which is between palma nova & magaluf it's up the top of cliffs our apartment looks over the sea which is lovley at night time as you see the big cruise ships leaving palma harbour.Torrenova is away from all the pubs & night clubs but only a 5 min walk if you want to be in amongst all the night life.Our hotel/appartments were called Barcelo torrenova but they have been taken over & are now called TRH Torrenova thomsons have it on their website.If there's anything else you want to know just let me know & i would be only to happy to help.