Thursday, August 17, 2006

Turbulent Thursday

Well no, actually it wasn't turbulent at all, but I thought I'd make my life sound a little more exciting!!
Work went ok - paid a visit to Tesco in the retail park at lunchtime (just so I could drive now that I have music again) and promtly remembered why I never go there unless it is the middle of the night. OMG the noise of screaming/crying/wailing/screeching/tantruming children just seems to echo around the shop.
First part of this evening was spent at a Big Lottery Fund presentation for the Spanish Group. One form of funding offered seems suitable for us, so hopefully things will get on the go reasonably soon.
Off tomorrow - can't wait - going to go to Primark to see if I can get some nice, cheap accessories for hols/work - still need a beachbag. Plus I got a nice scarf (that's really a belt) the last time I was there and G really liked it so thought I'd get her one.
Have a parcel to pick up from post office too - don't know why I got it sent to the house cos this bead company always send recorded!!! Must be getting old and senile. On jewellery things, I made a necklace last night because I was so bored (M - it's all your fault - I had no one to have a laugh with because you were out partying and no one else is as silly-funny!!)... anyways I wore it to work today and go so many nice comments (B even said she'd like one for J's b/day).

I have decided I need to make a piece of jewellery for myself every week or so, because I make loads for other people and end up with none for me.
Did I say I was off tomorrow????

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Kathy said...

Do we get to see pics of your new necklace?

I keep promising myself to make a bracelet to match the watch I did a few weeks ago - not got round to it yet though.