Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back to the Dare

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've had a chance to do the Daring Card Makers weekly challenge, so it was nice to get back to normality with this week's dare - A Simple Thank You Card.

So, here's mine. As per usual I take full responsiblity for the poor quality of the photo (don't have a scanner here, only in my office) - all the edges are actually straight even (apart from the torn ones obviously) though they look decidedly wonky.

All the stuff I used was from my new goodies I got for crimbo - paper and card are DCWV (paper stack 4 and matchmakers 2 card stack). Tags are Sizzlits small and alphabet and swirl are from the delicious QK Sunshine set.

ttfn xoxo

Thursday, December 28, 2006


...all you bloggy types had a great Christmas and managed to survive the sales (no way would you catch me going round the shops aimlessly - I only shop if I need something and even then 30 mins is enough for me).
Was hoping to be all wireless by now, but stupid pc on the blink and not showing the CD drives so I can't load the installation disc - will need to take it apart and put it back together again. c said he would come round if I couldn't get the router to work, so perhaps I can persuade him to look at the drives for me.
Loving this having time of work lark - could really really get used to it.
Going to make some stuff this afternoon, although now that I have time on my hands I have complete creative block - always the case isn't it.
Supposed to be going to Stirling Castle for Hogmanay, but the weather forecast isn't great and I don't have any clothes to wear if I have to be outside in wind/rain.
Oooo and it looks like I've got a 99% chance of getting a ticket for The Killers in Feb, which is great (I was on holiday when they announced it at short notice, so was completely unaware of it until I came home).
ttfn xoxo

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Decisions Decisions

Can't make my mind up - do I wrap my presents later tonight or have an early night and do them before I do the housework in the morning. Lucky I remembered to get sellotape when I was in Asda tonight.
Got Mum's necklace finished - really pleased with it, so hope she likes it. I'll try to take a piccy before I wrap it. Also did a bracelet that Mum only asked me for tonight.
I'm definitely going to be more organised next year at Christmas (although I do recall saying this last year and the year before...)
Really cold tonight, so I'm glad I'm staying in - nothing worse than having to do crimbo with a hangover.
Have a great Christmas - hope Santa is good to you all.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hang my head in shame...

...cos I am a totally crap friend. Yet again it's too late to post cards and I have a ton sitting for some of my best friends which I haven't even written yet. It's not that I try to be thoughtless or anything - it just seems to happen every year (and every year I swear to be more organised and not spend the last few days before crimbo totally guilt ridden). I'm sure if christmas was in the summer I'd be totally on top of it, but hate doing stuff in the winter and work always seems to be mega busy in the run up.

That's no excuse though and I can only apologise if you don't get a card. I will try harder next year; perhaps now that I've got desk and stuff sorted in here I will be more keen throughout the year cos I won't be making a mess in the living room.

Was on a half day today, supposedly going to finish my xmas shopping. Met Mum and mumped about M&S food hall for a bit. Then I still had to look for something for me so wasted about 20 mins looking for a pair of shoes in a 4 which I meant to buy in the summer but didn't - needless to say no 4s or even 3s - did try on a 5 but they were like boats and I would most probably have broken my neck falling out them (see post entitled Whee!). Then Mum said she had seen a ring she'd like to go in with her present so we trotted off the the jewellers she had seen it in but they didn't have it any more. Wasted another 20 mins trying on other ones she didn't like. Had had enough by then so we split up and I went home (forgot to take my Percy Pigs from the M&S bag too :(). Was going to bake a cake for G, cos she was coming round to pick up a necklace I'd made for her work secret santa but watched and old movie on Film4 and had a nap instead (G was cool about it - I'll do it tomorrow or Sunday or next week for her).

B & I are going to take A and S (if he can make it) for lunch tomorrow, but will just be a quickie as we need to get back to the office for the afternoon gathering we've arranged (was supposed to be mulled wine etc, but as it got closer B & me couldn't be arsed so Cava, cranberry and orange juice instead now :D:D.

Prestonfield House was so gorgeous last week. I want to move in!!! I could feed the peacocks (god I love peacocks so much) and turn the dishwasher on every night :D:D

The Witchery on Saturday this week. Got to love crimbo for all the going out (especially this year as I've hardly been out at all!)
Anyways, if I don't post again in the next couple of days, hope all you bloggy-types have an exceptionally cool yule (and that santa's good to you).
ttfn xoxo
p.s. Miss JP - if you're in town on Sat night give me a bell - we could meet for a drink - sure C would like to see you too - I'll email you tomorrow.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

On the Eighth Day of Christmas... true love said to me "you'd better make a start on that whole Christmas thing, sweetie!"
Actually I don't have a true love (one less present to buy I suppose), but if I did I am sure that's what he'd say.
Yup you've guessed, the annual countdown to Christmas began today chez LB. Didn't get a real tree this year, but shoved an artificial one up. Started my Christmas shopping today with Mum & G - 3 hours it took (although we did stop and hour in the middle for a coffee). I really really can't do that amount of time round the shops (no serious medical reason or anything - just get bored with shopping very very quickly). Quite pleased with what I have so far though - will get the remainders on Thursday afternoon (on a half day) or next Sunday morning.
Going to finish making some more cards then write them all tonight (writing cards is my most loathed part of Christmas) and post any that need posted tomorrow (hopefully), so really I'm almost all set. I'll put cards I've got up tomorrow too :D:D
Got a nice alphabet last night for a brill price, so since Auntie L can't get the jammies I wanted, she can give me that.
ttfn - have some paperwork to do before I write my cards.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Carpet fitter didn't turn up today (apparently running late because of the weather!??!), but it's not getting to me now cos I don't give a monkey's, instead I'll give you a little something to keep you amused and to fritter away a spare minute or 2:

What Your Music Says About You
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.
No cheating!
What does next year have in store for me? Lithium
What's my love life like? One More Cup of Coffee
What do I say when life gets hard? Something in the Way
What do you think of on waking up? Dirty
What song will I dance to at my wedding? Gate 49
What do you want as a career? Nancy Boy
Your favourite saying? The Right Profile
Favourite place? Sky Fits Heaven
What do you think of your parents? Tender
What's your Pornstar name? Babylon
Where would you go on a first date Little Acorns
Drug of choice? Good Advice (????!)
Describe yourself: Sad and Blue
What is the thing i like doing most? Garageland
The song that best describes my school principal? Choux Pastry Heart
What is my state of mind like at the moment? Twin Peaks Theme
How will I die? New Shoes (rofl most probably!!)

Thanks for this one Matty, my little sugar dumpling xoxo

Monday, December 11, 2006

When you wish upon a star...

...does a lovely new Mac drop onto your desk. In my case unfortunately not. Last night of college tonight and they let us loose on the Macs - omg how much do I now covet one - I was stroking it and almost had to be prised off it at the end of the night.
I will try to save my pennies up I think.
...does your lucky jacket turn up after loosing it? In my case yup it does. It was even luckier than I thought. In case you don't know, I couldn't find it when I was leaving the boozer on Friday night. Went into work this morning and L said "I've got your jacket - really sorry but somehow I ended up wearing it to go home in" - she left before me so no wonder I couldn't find it :D. Dead chuffed as thus far I've always managed to avoid losing my jacket on a night out - I have left it in a cloakroom before but always got it the next day - I usually leave the losing to G.
That's it for tonight - off to dream of Mac, my new love.
ttfn xoxo

Sunday, December 10, 2006

There's a Light...

...over at the Frankenstein House (well actually it's at the end of the tunnel). Hall all papered and painted - was intending on emulsioning on top of the paper on my day off on Wednesday, but it might be ok without it - carpet fitter coming on Thursday afternoon :D:D
Can't wait for the hols this year - so so so tired - definitely going to try not to work such long hours next year, as there's so much other stuff i wanted to get done but I just always seem to be shattered. That said the next 2 weeks will be manic, but I can live with that. Off on the afternoon of the 21st so should be able to get some xmas shopping done then.
Definitely turning wintery now though - wish someone would whisk me off to someplace warm for a few weeks.
ttfn xoxo

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tonight I've been...

...making these spiders and drinking a nice glass of red wine. It's very calming for me.

I'm not at all upset about the decorating lark now. And just going to go out drinking after all tomorrow cos mum says I can stay at hers if I don't want to get up early Saturday.

G & A came up tonight to help me roll the new hall carpet tighter (it's been sitting in the dining room for about 9 months) and move it into the living room so the carpet fitter doesn't make a mess of my newly done walls, so I'll probably spend most of my time in here or reading in bed for the next week.

Not a scooby what to wear tomorrow - some people are getting dressed up, but it's during the day and I'd feel like a complete twonk with party gear on. Did get some nice new Barry M make-up today though - majorly cheered me up cos their colours are soooooo pretty. Got nice purples (yeah I know I have about 40 purple eyeshadows already, but I didn't have this one and it would have been silly not to get nailpolish and eyeliner to match!). Must rem to paint toes tonight in case i decide to wear sandals (no big rubber crocs for me, girlies).

ttfn - off to make some dinner. xoxoxo

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Nightmare Before Christmas...

...AKA my life!
I got home late from work tonight to find no decorating done and a message from the decorator saying he was ill. If he's well enough tomorrow he's got to do his scheduled job tomorrow so the best he can do mine is the weekend (so that's going for the christmas tree completely fucked). Also means I won't get any of my stuff done I had planned for this weekend cos I'll have to be out all day sat and sun now. Also he probably won't have time to emulsion so guess what I'll be doing instead of christmas shopping next weekend.
Feel like just crawling into bed, pulling sheets over head, crying and not moving for a month.
Won't even be able to go out drinking on Friday now cos will need to be up before 7 if he's coming at 8. I suppose it is all my own fault for thinking it was a good thing he had a cancellation as I originally wasn't going to get it done til Jan (yet another classic case of LB screwing things up).
Taken 10 mins out and not bothered about it at all now, cos have decided not to do christmas tree (it's only me that ever sees it anyway and I'm not really in the mood) etc. I'll pick up a couple of pressies for people on 23rd/24th and that'll have to do.
ttfn xoxo

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why Does...?

...a fan belt only squeak when it is cold outside?

Decorator almost done - I like my front door white so much better than when it was wood.

Apart from that everything else is much the same - still sick fed up of everything and cna't wait for the hols to come.

Oh the cake I made on Sunday came out nice - going to keep 2 slices for myself and give the rest to Mum and B. Think I will do another one at the weekend. Going for my tree on Sat so would be nice to have some mulled wine and a slice of cake when I'm watching the fairy lights at night (life just doesn't get anymore exciting than this does it!!)

ttfn xoxo

Saturday, December 02, 2006

We're Walking in the Air

OMFG OMFG I just saw THIS on telly - I think it rates as the funniest add ever!!! What would we do without Irn Bru.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Don't know what it is this week, but I've been on the warpath with everything. Now I know I could be known as being slightly volatile anyway (can't really see it myself though), but everything this week has sent me into a rant. Lucky B's been in a similar frame of mine so we've been kind of bouncing off each other. I think what kicked it all off was that someone at work who i really dislike (so much so I don't even have to use a name cos I will know) said something to B along the lines of "oh I told x that if I was off work (with a piddling little cold!!) that you and Lisa would do it. B went ballistic at her and explained that I'm already covering for someone as well as doing my own stuff so she's trying to pick of some of mine as well as her own. Anyways it probably makes no sense to anyone apart from me and B (who doesn't read this), but that's the reason for my black mood. Downside is that, although I don't mind being angry/grumpy/snippy/stroppy etc etc, sometimes when I'm really mad like this I start to get a bit paranoid, which isn't v. pleasant.
On an upside, the monstrosity which was once my hall carpet is no more. I cut it all up and put it in black bags on Wed night. Must must must get hall finished over the weekend as decorator coming on Monday.
Going to make a cake tomorrow cos cake smell always cheers me up (not like that horrible fake stuff in the supermarkets which just makes me feel sick). Better not eat it though cos far too fat as it is.
Not much else to report apart from I happened across a pic of Paulo Nutini earlier - you just would wouldn't you!
Ugh, just noticed one of the bulbs in here has gone; if I don't change a bulb soon I won't have any light left.
Oh and my GM on WoW told me that lvl 17 and a soldier in a guild isn't bad for someone that's only been playing their first char for 2 weeks :D:D:D
Ok, that's all for tonight unless I think of anything else to say later.
p.s. red text is to match my mood ;)