Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bouncing Around Dundee

Went up to Dundee today to visit N - R & L were there too - was great to catch up again.
N's kids have a big massive trampoline in the back garden and I had a shot - omfg it was so much fun - I couldn't stop laughing - sure the neighbours must've thought I was some random loony.
Didn't get lost up north until I was in Dundee itself, which is fine cos towns and cities don't stress me - only bloody country roads (Miss JP you'll be pleased to know I didn't get a nosebleed, even when i was going over that bridge with the water under it and the big hill in front [although that did make me a bit queasy feeling - think I may have the reverse of vertigo], but did think I was going to get one on the way home).


maggie said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun Lisa.

Freckles said...

Wow over the bridge and far away!! I'd love a go on one of those big trampolines!! Can I come next time???