Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cabin Fever

Do you ever get days where you just have to get out the house?? I was demented earlier - woke up at 08:30 and just faffed around this morning doing all the usual boring stuff. Managed to persuade Mum to come to Stirling with me so we faffed around there for an hour or so. Saw the most gorgeous top ever - Mum said I had one like it when I was a teenager, which is odd cos I thought it would go really well with Converse boots and that's what I used to wear. Anyways she said she'd buy it for me if I can get a size smaller - then she had the cheek to ask me if I wanted a sandwich for lunch - promptly replied of course I don't!! I WANT THE TOP!!!!!
Apart from that nothing much - just played the laggiest game of D2 ever with M, was still fun though.
Not going out tonight - my social life really seems to have fizzled out over the summer :(:(

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