Sunday, July 30, 2006

...with boredom!!! Today has been the longest day ever. I've cleaned the house, made 4 pendants for necklaces, washed loads of clothes even had a big long bath to take up some of the afternoon. Don't know what it is about Sundays.

Definitely need to get out more. Think next Sunday or the next again I will go to the seaside or the country.

Beginning to get worried in case it is me that's boring and not everything around me. I really hope it isn't me - I'm looking forward to having fun for the remaining 140 years of my life.

Methinks I need a holiday.

On a random note, how great is that Only Ones song (Another Girl Another Planet) on the Vodafone advert - nothing like it for cheering me up and making me sing at the top of my voice, although it does piss me off slightly that someone (can't remember who) borrowed the CD I had with it on and never gave me it back.

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