Thursday, August 31, 2006

The weekend's fast approaching...

... and I have no plans as yet. not really bothered though - may just get a bottle of wine and cook something nice for dinner and watch tv if nothing better comes up.
Work went sooo quickly today even though i ended up being in early and leaving late. B was back from a few days off so it was good to catch up on gossip and have a laugh - I do miss yelling across the corridor when she's not there.
I'm sure something happened today that I wanted to write here, but the braincell's gone awol again.
Really need to get arse in gear and make some cards & jewellery - why do I seem to say this every day yet still never get anything - I can now add Miss JP to my list of people to blame cos now that she's get bb she's my newest MSN buddy - wooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!! One night of it and she is already turning into a total smileywhore - can't imagine who she gets that from.
Anyways little bloggies I'm off to have a nice glass of red and watch Dragon's Den.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Roll On...

...holidays. I'm really beginning to feel like I need a break now. Can't come quick enough.

Bizarrely enough this year I'm actually going to be quite looking forward to coming back home as well...

Got a nightmare last night (I know who I'm blaming on this one!!) but it wasn't too bad and didn't wake me til after 5. At least it wasn't one of those ones where it takes a while to work out if it was real or not.

Somehow I managed to drink a 2 litre bottle of lemonade in 2.5 hours this afternoon. I think someone has been putting rat poison in my food or teabags. So thirsty!!!

That's all for tonight dear little bloggy-type readers cos I just can't be arsed writing any more.
p.s. How gorgeous a song is "in Heaven" I was playing it over again on way home tonight and singing along - it is just so beautiful.

Monday, August 28, 2006

In the Beginning...

...of the week, it was Monday!!
Week got off to an alright start, although been feeling a bit sorry for myself over the last few days as keep feeling like I'm getting a cold (swollen-feeling throat that tastes like old spoons/sore ears etc) but it keeps coming to nothing so should stop soon. Woke up during the night feeling sick but that may have had something to do with me going to sleep with a hoody on and the hood up - I was melting and just felt the blood drain.
Argghhh enough woes - now for the good stuff - cheered myself up with a sunbed at lunchtime (although it will be my last before hols as the tanorexics I know say you should leave a gap before going on holiday as you get a better tan (knowing my luck it will piss it down for a fortnight).
Felt on a total downer last night for some reason (probably throat & ears) but a cracking game of D2 with M cheered me up no end. Nothing like spending a couple of hours bashing the hell out of monsters with your friends for chasing away the blues.
Not a bank holiday here today (well the banks were closed cos they take English holidays but nothing else was so work as usual, though it was pretty quiet re incoming stuff.
Still not finished the hall - it can wait a couple of weeks now, as I have to make 7 cards for the start of next week - flat will be like Blue Peter studio!!!
Got another book today - The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova - will tell you readers if it's any good once I've finished it.
Ok that's all now - I know it doesn't seem much good stuff, but I'm such a happy little bunny it doesn't take much to please me.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Brain Dead

OMG been up since really early this morning so thought I'd build myself a website. I used to be really into site building but haven't done anything at all (even updating) in about 3 years ago. My little braincell is soooo rusty. It's fun though, trying to remember how to do stuff.
Apart from being thick, this weekend I've done nothing much - slept loads yesterday (probably though doing nothing-ness). Really wanted to go an see the Pixies movie this lunchtime, but I decided it would be no fun going alone as there would be no one to talk about it with afterwards. So will just wait til it comes out on dvd and see if I can bribe anyone to watch it with me then.
Aiming to make some jewellery this afternoon (although best laid plans and all that). Need to do a couple of wedding cards too.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Aimless Waffling

Not much to say today I'm afraid little bloggy-type readers. Was going to go and see Pixies movie tonight (on my own :(:(), but can't be bothered so will go on Friday or Sunday (although it doesn't start until 22:00 or 22:30, so who knows, I may go tonight after all).

Need to do some CD shuffling as not slotted the ones I've bought recently into their places yet - although everything around me is usually in chaos I do like my CDs ordered.

Just got a night of faffing around tonight I think - do have things to do, but right now I don't feel like doing them - actually might go for a little nap just in case I do decide to go out later.
That's it for today - I promise I'll try and do something a bit more interesting over the next couple of days.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bouncing Around Dundee

Went up to Dundee today to visit N - R & L were there too - was great to catch up again.
N's kids have a big massive trampoline in the back garden and I had a shot - omfg it was so much fun - I couldn't stop laughing - sure the neighbours must've thought I was some random loony.
Didn't get lost up north until I was in Dundee itself, which is fine cos towns and cities don't stress me - only bloody country roads (Miss JP you'll be pleased to know I didn't get a nosebleed, even when i was going over that bridge with the water under it and the big hill in front [although that did make me a bit queasy feeling - think I may have the reverse of vertigo], but did think I was going to get one on the way home).

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dream Top

Oh, and I've just realised the top would also look great over leggings with my patent pointy knee boots (but only if I'm thin!!)

Cabin Fever

Do you ever get days where you just have to get out the house?? I was demented earlier - woke up at 08:30 and just faffed around this morning doing all the usual boring stuff. Managed to persuade Mum to come to Stirling with me so we faffed around there for an hour or so. Saw the most gorgeous top ever - Mum said I had one like it when I was a teenager, which is odd cos I thought it would go really well with Converse boots and that's what I used to wear. Anyways she said she'd buy it for me if I can get a size smaller - then she had the cheek to ask me if I wanted a sandwich for lunch - promptly replied of course I don't!! I WANT THE TOP!!!!!
Apart from that nothing much - just played the laggiest game of D2 ever with M, was still fun though.
Not going out tonight - my social life really seems to have fizzled out over the summer :(:(

Friday, August 18, 2006

Freaky Friday

Ugh today is horrible - wet, grey, dark and miserable - thank goodness I'm already in my jammies. A perfect night for a long hot bath (with the added temptation of my holiday books - must not read them before I go!!).
Went to Stirling this morning - couldn't get the scarf/belt for G, which is a pity, but I got a couple of bags - one of them I'm thinking about getting another one the same to keep in reserve as it would be perfect for an overnight bag if I'm staying at Miss JP's. Wasn't away long though cos you know how bored I get in the shops. Oh, and I saw a really nice jumper but I refused to buy it since it was only August still
Really need to get my arse in gear over this weekend and do stuff (lmao like drool over Nintendo DS - I'd love one of these with Big Brain Academy).
That's all for today - it's too rainy and ugly to write anything else.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Turbulent Thursday

Well no, actually it wasn't turbulent at all, but I thought I'd make my life sound a little more exciting!!
Work went ok - paid a visit to Tesco in the retail park at lunchtime (just so I could drive now that I have music again) and promtly remembered why I never go there unless it is the middle of the night. OMG the noise of screaming/crying/wailing/screeching/tantruming children just seems to echo around the shop.
First part of this evening was spent at a Big Lottery Fund presentation for the Spanish Group. One form of funding offered seems suitable for us, so hopefully things will get on the go reasonably soon.
Off tomorrow - can't wait - going to go to Primark to see if I can get some nice, cheap accessories for hols/work - still need a beachbag. Plus I got a nice scarf (that's really a belt) the last time I was there and G really liked it so thought I'd get her one.
Have a parcel to pick up from post office too - don't know why I got it sent to the house cos this bead company always send recorded!!! Must be getting old and senile. On jewellery things, I made a necklace last night because I was so bored (M - it's all your fault - I had no one to have a laugh with because you were out partying and no one else is as silly-funny!!)... anyways I wore it to work today and go so many nice comments (B even said she'd like one for J's b/day).

I have decided I need to make a piece of jewellery for myself every week or so, because I make loads for other people and end up with none for me.
Did I say I was off tomorrow????

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday's Wonderful Achievements

Wow, I've achieved so much today and it's not even dinner time:
  1. Holiday is all booked - off to Majorca for a couple of weeks on 10 Sept (actually my input in this was "yup that's fine by me, book it")
  2. Car stereo is now fitted after lying in dining room for about 3 months - actually had v. little input in this either - a lovely guy at work I don't know fitted it at lunch time today for me. Such a good idea asking C yesterday if he could fit car stereos cos he said "no, but B might be able to - I'll send him up tomorrow lunchtime!"
  3. New phones for MP3 player will be on their way soon - it so helps if you remember you cancelled your old debit card when it's newest version went awol in post (esp if it's been ages since you ordered off Amazon but don't want to risk getting fake phones on Ebay).
  4. Managed to last til almost 17:00 without smearing black eye make-up all over my face - quite a feat for me as usually I've rubbed my eyes before 09:00!
  5. Still keeping up my resistance to reading any of the 4 new holiday books I have so far, although not making any promises on this one.

All I need to do now is work out how to get to Dundee - I thought you went to Perth (which I now know how to do after taking the scenic route the last time) and kept going, but F said she reckoned you go over the bridge and keep going. Actually I probably have other stuff to do (like stripping that bloody hall) but maybe the pixies will do it when I'm asleep.

Til tomorrow (or a different day)...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Today (even though I keep thinking it's Wednesday)

Well, I was successful in my hunt for an MP3 player last night, which is good, so spend today looking for a set of phones cost the bundled ones will be rubbish. Sods law says I'll have my nice Sennheiser phones for about 4 days before the player arrives, but such is life.
Also ordered some jewellery making stuff this morning, as I need to get back into the swing of making stuff.
Think we have holiday sorted - M is going to book it in morning - looking like I'll be off to Alcudia for 2 weeks on 10 September. Never been there before, but apparently only an hour or so from Palma (I have already decided I want to go to the flea market, which is on Saturdays). Apparently Alcudia has massive (approx 5km I think) beach and nice restaurants so can't really ask for anything more.
That's about it really - off to have a bath with olive oil and salt in it, so will be nice and al dente later (honestly, it's really good for your skin).

Monday, August 14, 2006

When Monday Comes Around

My mission today is to get my filthy paws on an MP3 player for a really good price. Don't want an Ipod (too common) - must be a Creative (better spec).

Apart from that, went to see Rich Hall at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh last night. Mostly the show was good (although there were bits that I didn't find particularly funny) but it was spoilt a bit by a complete moron heckler in the audience who though he was the comedian (words rhyming with banker spring to mind!!).
Got last train home, then had to go to Tesco (as hadn't had any dinner and had far too much caffiene so was feeling a bit sick) for some shopping, so it was after 01:00 when I got home. Couldn't sleep until after 02:30, so was surprised that I wasn't too tired today.

Nothing more to report really - cut some oregano from the garden to put in pasta sauce for dinner tonight, but now not sure if I'm hungry or not.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Saga Continues

Arrgghhh still no holiday yet and sort of floundering around aimlessly. Costa de la Luz is working out too expensive - £800 each for 2 weeks self catering in September!! I nearly choked when I heard the price, especially as I'm used to booking 2 days or so before I go.
Sort of opted for Ibiza, I wanted to go to Santa Eulalia, M wanted to go to Puerto San Miguel (until I said it was 4 miles up a hill to the nearest bank/atm/chemist!!! Needless to say that was knocked in the head. The only place I can find in the centre of SE is one that M had been to before and didn't like!! So Ibiza may now be out of the question unless something else decent in the centre of SE comes up.
Now thinking about Mallorca - have heard that Cala D'or is very nice, but apparently other bits are really nice too - wouldn't mind being not too far from Palma because it is gorgeous. Really don't fancy Magaluf though.
Also thought about Canaries - even though I find the resorts really bland there - at least weather would be good in September, but when i told M the size of the cockroaches there that was knocked on the head too.
Thought also about one of the smaller resorts on the Costa del Sol. Greece is also an option, but we've quite a tight window we can go in (cos M needs to get back for some stupid show thing she's going to!!), so doesn't seem to be a huge selection coming up.
Guess how I'll be spending all my spare time this weekend???? So much easier going with F - just go in travel agents, say we want to go in next couple of days and have no money - bingo -holiday appears.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Holiday Hunting

Have started to look for a holiday today - still got 4 weeks(ish) to go so no mad rush about it yet (especially since I'm used to booking stuff a couple of days before). Really fancying Costa de la Luz - looks really pretty (and less than 100 miles from Sevilla, which is only #1 on my wishlist of places to go!!).
Hung on late at work tonight - things are definitely getting back to normal again, which is great - would go insane if everything just ticked over like it has been the last couple of weeks.
Food intake extremely good today.
That's about it for today so far I'm afraid - no life changing moments and no scandal witnessed.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday's Trials & Tribulations

Actually no trials or tribulations at all - maybe should have entitled today's entry 'Tuesday Goes Smoothly'.
Mum's ordered some jewellery from me to wear to A & R's wedding in a few weeks - hope she picks up some orders when she's there - should be a nice wedding as they're having it in the house with a marquee in the garden (and no religion!!). A loved the earrings and pendant I made for her - really glad - she is my best advert. After a few months of not really being into making stuff (probably cos of being so stretched in the run up to crimbo last year) really getting the bug again.
Going to get started on spiders when I get paid because I've already had a few enquiries about them this year.
Did eat far too much because had pasta and a glass of wine for dinner - haven't been great this week so far - must get back on straight and narrow tomorrow - at least I didn't eat the mini toffee crisp that was looking at me.
Off to some comedy thing at the festival on Sunday with Miss JP and L should be good cos not seen J for ages.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

This Weekend

Was L's wedding yesterday. She got a really good day for it and she looked amazing. Was a civil ceremony, which I much prefer to a religious one - my mind wanders less. Was good to catch up with a few friends I haven't seen in ages. Only thing is I always find it a bit awkward at weddings as I always seem to be the only single person there.
Have a sort of big bruise-type thing on my foot today, but no one stood on me, so must be old torn ligaments flaring up again cos it's on the foot where I tore them really badly (rofl as opposed to the other foot where I just tore them a bit!!).
Woke up during the night with the beginnings of a cold and spend most of the morning and afternoon with a tissue at my nose and drinking hot lemon, although it seems to have lifted a bit now - hopefully I managed to catch it in time.
Can't believe weekend is almost over - 2 days just isn't long enough. Think I'll take a couple of days off not next week but next again.
Eating this weekend has been really good - didn't eat desert at wedding (although only cos it was really chocolatey and not a big chocolate lover). Did have 6 Percy Pigs though - will cut something out tomorrow to cover it. Really want a beach bod in next 5 weeks, but somehow don't think that'll happen (esp as I'd also like to be 4 inches taller!!).

Friday, August 04, 2006


... is getting away early from work, coming home, grabbing a quick shower to freshen up, then a nice nap. Don't know why I enjoy doing that so much on a Friday - perhaps because I always used to go out on a Thursday night so was shattered when I got home from work.
Today's been really good - not for any particular reason, just been a good, fun day.
L's big day tomrrow - just going to give her pressie to her at the reception, as she only came up on Thursday morning so not had a chance to see her yet.
Can't believe it's another 10 days til payday - will need to watch what I'm doing until then - bought far too many summer clothes this month, but what else could I do when the weather was good.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's been a really good day. Only problem is that since it turned cooler at nights I'm back to not sleeping well again (slept like a lamb when it was hot the last few weeks), after feeling groggy yesterday because I went back to sleep, I just got up when I woke this morning. Faffed about a bit and left for work around 07:40.
When I got into the office there was a message in my work inbox that made my day - don't know what it was about it, just one of those things I suppose - so thanks for that S.
B and I went food shopping at lunchtime time and I bumped into Mum, who told me I looked nice. In fact loads of people told me I looked nice today - must've been because I had on my top that makes me look like a ladybird.
Got away at 5 tonight cos S & A were down south. Not done anything since I got home apart from read a bit and had a bath. Have some crystals to stick on stuff tonight.
Got a text from L late last night - she is so excited about getting married on Saturday. I was excited for her too, although I think if it was me getting married I would find it hard to get excited - would prefer something low key (perhaps so low key that I wouldn't even bother!).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I've decided I absolutely love being me. I know some things don't quite go according to plan in my life (well most things if I'm being perfectly honest), but who wants their life running to a boring rigid plan - much more fun to take things as they come.

I know my post on Sunday make me sound a total miserable bugger, but it was only done through boredom. In reality I have so many good things going on - the best family & friends in the world (even got the best cyber friends ever!!), a great job which I love, working with great people (none of them even know this blog exists so no chance of them getting big headed).
I've got no regrets, even the stupid stuff that I've done that has made me look at complete idiot. There are really bad things which have happened, and would do anything to change, but unfortunately these have all been out of my control.
Looking forward to going to college on a Monday night starting September to do Photoshop. Got a million other things I'd like to get done before that though...