Friday, December 01, 2006


Don't know what it is this week, but I've been on the warpath with everything. Now I know I could be known as being slightly volatile anyway (can't really see it myself though), but everything this week has sent me into a rant. Lucky B's been in a similar frame of mine so we've been kind of bouncing off each other. I think what kicked it all off was that someone at work who i really dislike (so much so I don't even have to use a name cos I will know) said something to B along the lines of "oh I told x that if I was off work (with a piddling little cold!!) that you and Lisa would do it. B went ballistic at her and explained that I'm already covering for someone as well as doing my own stuff so she's trying to pick of some of mine as well as her own. Anyways it probably makes no sense to anyone apart from me and B (who doesn't read this), but that's the reason for my black mood. Downside is that, although I don't mind being angry/grumpy/snippy/stroppy etc etc, sometimes when I'm really mad like this I start to get a bit paranoid, which isn't v. pleasant.
On an upside, the monstrosity which was once my hall carpet is no more. I cut it all up and put it in black bags on Wed night. Must must must get hall finished over the weekend as decorator coming on Monday.
Going to make a cake tomorrow cos cake smell always cheers me up (not like that horrible fake stuff in the supermarkets which just makes me feel sick). Better not eat it though cos far too fat as it is.
Not much else to report apart from I happened across a pic of Paulo Nutini earlier - you just would wouldn't you!
Ugh, just noticed one of the bulbs in here has gone; if I don't change a bulb soon I won't have any light left.
Oh and my GM on WoW told me that lvl 17 and a soldier in a guild isn't bad for someone that's only been playing their first char for 2 weeks :D:D:D
Ok, that's all for tonight unless I think of anything else to say later.
p.s. red text is to match my mood ;)

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Anonymous said...

Yay lvl 17, you go girl!