Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tonight I've been...

...making these spiders and drinking a nice glass of red wine. It's very calming for me.

I'm not at all upset about the decorating lark now. And just going to go out drinking after all tomorrow cos mum says I can stay at hers if I don't want to get up early Saturday.

G & A came up tonight to help me roll the new hall carpet tighter (it's been sitting in the dining room for about 9 months) and move it into the living room so the carpet fitter doesn't make a mess of my newly done walls, so I'll probably spend most of my time in here or reading in bed for the next week.

Not a scooby what to wear tomorrow - some people are getting dressed up, but it's during the day and I'd feel like a complete twonk with party gear on. Did get some nice new Barry M make-up today though - majorly cheered me up cos their colours are soooooo pretty. Got nice purples (yeah I know I have about 40 purple eyeshadows already, but I didn't have this one and it would have been silly not to get nailpolish and eyeliner to match!). Must rem to paint toes tonight in case i decide to wear sandals (no big rubber crocs for me, girlies).

ttfn - off to make some dinner. xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Spiders are gorgeous Lis. Hope you have a fabby time tomorrow and you'll look great whatever you wear hun.
Have fun xxxx

Anonymous said...

A girl can never have too many purple eyeshadows.. or greens, or browns.... Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Good to read that you're feeling a bit more upbeat. Just be grateful you've not spent the last 3 weeks and probably the next week or two sleeping on a matress in the lounge like my bro and SIL have been doing as their upstairs is in so much of a state!

Hope your decorating gets done - wonder if it's "man-ill" he's suffering with?

That spider is goreous, didn't give me any of the heebiejeebies ordinary spiders give me