Thursday, December 28, 2006


...all you bloggy types had a great Christmas and managed to survive the sales (no way would you catch me going round the shops aimlessly - I only shop if I need something and even then 30 mins is enough for me).
Was hoping to be all wireless by now, but stupid pc on the blink and not showing the CD drives so I can't load the installation disc - will need to take it apart and put it back together again. c said he would come round if I couldn't get the router to work, so perhaps I can persuade him to look at the drives for me.
Loving this having time of work lark - could really really get used to it.
Going to make some stuff this afternoon, although now that I have time on my hands I have complete creative block - always the case isn't it.
Supposed to be going to Stirling Castle for Hogmanay, but the weather forecast isn't great and I don't have any clothes to wear if I have to be outside in wind/rain.
Oooo and it looks like I've got a 99% chance of getting a ticket for The Killers in Feb, which is great (I was on holiday when they announced it at short notice, so was completely unaware of it until I came home).
ttfn xoxo


Paula said...

I hope you get that ticket... WOW. I got their old album for Xmas as I had wanted it for ages but never got round to it.
Muse are my favs & lucky sister got to see them TWICE!!!!!
She also saw Snow Patrol!!

Tracey said...

Hi Lisa
hope you had a great Christmas hun and that you manage to get a ticket to the killers. I am soo jealous as will kayleigh be they are one of her favs. Hope we can have a meet up soon, have missed you.
Love tracey xxxx