Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hang my head in shame...

...cos I am a totally crap friend. Yet again it's too late to post cards and I have a ton sitting for some of my best friends which I haven't even written yet. It's not that I try to be thoughtless or anything - it just seems to happen every year (and every year I swear to be more organised and not spend the last few days before crimbo totally guilt ridden). I'm sure if christmas was in the summer I'd be totally on top of it, but hate doing stuff in the winter and work always seems to be mega busy in the run up.

That's no excuse though and I can only apologise if you don't get a card. I will try harder next year; perhaps now that I've got desk and stuff sorted in here I will be more keen throughout the year cos I won't be making a mess in the living room.

Was on a half day today, supposedly going to finish my xmas shopping. Met Mum and mumped about M&S food hall for a bit. Then I still had to look for something for me so wasted about 20 mins looking for a pair of shoes in a 4 which I meant to buy in the summer but didn't - needless to say no 4s or even 3s - did try on a 5 but they were like boats and I would most probably have broken my neck falling out them (see post entitled Whee!). Then Mum said she had seen a ring she'd like to go in with her present so we trotted off the the jewellers she had seen it in but they didn't have it any more. Wasted another 20 mins trying on other ones she didn't like. Had had enough by then so we split up and I went home (forgot to take my Percy Pigs from the M&S bag too :(). Was going to bake a cake for G, cos she was coming round to pick up a necklace I'd made for her work secret santa but watched and old movie on Film4 and had a nap instead (G was cool about it - I'll do it tomorrow or Sunday or next week for her).

B & I are going to take A and S (if he can make it) for lunch tomorrow, but will just be a quickie as we need to get back to the office for the afternoon gathering we've arranged (was supposed to be mulled wine etc, but as it got closer B & me couldn't be arsed so Cava, cranberry and orange juice instead now :D:D.

Prestonfield House was so gorgeous last week. I want to move in!!! I could feed the peacocks (god I love peacocks so much) and turn the dishwasher on every night :D:D

The Witchery on Saturday this week. Got to love crimbo for all the going out (especially this year as I've hardly been out at all!)
Anyways, if I don't post again in the next couple of days, hope all you bloggy-types have an exceptionally cool yule (and that santa's good to you).
ttfn xoxo
p.s. Miss JP - if you're in town on Sat night give me a bell - we could meet for a drink - sure C would like to see you too - I'll email you tomorrow.


Rhi said...

Aww Lisa, I know exactly what you mean about getting the cards out in time, but yours arrived today and its beautiful, thank you :D

And if they don't arrive till after the 25th so what, it really is the thought that counts.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy partying,
Rhi xx

Freckles said...

Hey I'm at a party on Sat night so don't think I'll make it for a drink but would love to meet up in holiday, maybe you could come over for food? Let me know how you are fixed. Enjoy the Witchery, its so cosy and medieval in there its fabby. xx

Kathy said...

Lisa, I was absolutely rubbish at getting my cards out this year. Really wanted to get them done and sent early so I could pass on the new addy to anyone who might not know - failed utterly and was still sending out cards yesterday!

I've even had to make cards today as I can't find the ones I thought I had for the neighbours....

Anyway, I'm now going to have a wander around all my favourite blogs to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. Here's yours:

HAPPY CHRISTMAS LIAS< have yourself a merry old time!

Jo said...

I was so pants too this year at cards, infact I will be very surprised if they have all made it *blush* Don't worry :)

Have a fantastic Christmas :)

Jo xx