Sunday, December 24, 2006

Decisions Decisions

Can't make my mind up - do I wrap my presents later tonight or have an early night and do them before I do the housework in the morning. Lucky I remembered to get sellotape when I was in Asda tonight.
Got Mum's necklace finished - really pleased with it, so hope she likes it. I'll try to take a piccy before I wrap it. Also did a bracelet that Mum only asked me for tonight.
I'm definitely going to be more organised next year at Christmas (although I do recall saying this last year and the year before...)
Really cold tonight, so I'm glad I'm staying in - nothing worse than having to do crimbo with a hangover.
Have a great Christmas - hope Santa is good to you all.

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Lynne.x said...

Merry Christmas Lisa. Hope you had a fab time.