Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why Does...?

...a fan belt only squeak when it is cold outside?

Decorator almost done - I like my front door white so much better than when it was wood.

Apart from that everything else is much the same - still sick fed up of everything and cna't wait for the hols to come.

Oh the cake I made on Sunday came out nice - going to keep 2 slices for myself and give the rest to Mum and B. Think I will do another one at the weekend. Going for my tree on Sat so would be nice to have some mulled wine and a slice of cake when I'm watching the fairy lights at night (life just doesn't get anymore exciting than this does it!!)

ttfn xoxo

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Kathy said...

Hi Lisa

Sounds like the decorating is coming along nicely - don't forget to post some pics when you're all daone - I'm nosey, ok?

I've been making another load of Xmas cards today, so having been really good I'm treating myself to coffee and a wander around the blogs to see what everyone was up to while I was stranded on the IOM!

My mood was at least as red as yours when I couldn't get off the island on Sunday, I assure you!