Sunday, December 17, 2006

On the Eighth Day of Christmas... true love said to me "you'd better make a start on that whole Christmas thing, sweetie!"
Actually I don't have a true love (one less present to buy I suppose), but if I did I am sure that's what he'd say.
Yup you've guessed, the annual countdown to Christmas began today chez LB. Didn't get a real tree this year, but shoved an artificial one up. Started my Christmas shopping today with Mum & G - 3 hours it took (although we did stop and hour in the middle for a coffee). I really really can't do that amount of time round the shops (no serious medical reason or anything - just get bored with shopping very very quickly). Quite pleased with what I have so far though - will get the remainders on Thursday afternoon (on a half day) or next Sunday morning.
Going to finish making some more cards then write them all tonight (writing cards is my most loathed part of Christmas) and post any that need posted tomorrow (hopefully), so really I'm almost all set. I'll put cards I've got up tomorrow too :D:D
Got a nice alphabet last night for a brill price, so since Auntie L can't get the jammies I wanted, she can give me that.
ttfn - have some paperwork to do before I write my cards.

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