Sunday, December 10, 2006

There's a Light...

...over at the Frankenstein House (well actually it's at the end of the tunnel). Hall all papered and painted - was intending on emulsioning on top of the paper on my day off on Wednesday, but it might be ok without it - carpet fitter coming on Thursday afternoon :D:D
Can't wait for the hols this year - so so so tired - definitely going to try not to work such long hours next year, as there's so much other stuff i wanted to get done but I just always seem to be shattered. That said the next 2 weeks will be manic, but I can live with that. Off on the afternoon of the 21st so should be able to get some xmas shopping done then.
Definitely turning wintery now though - wish someone would whisk me off to someplace warm for a few weeks.
ttfn xoxo

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