Monday, December 11, 2006

When you wish upon a star...

...does a lovely new Mac drop onto your desk. In my case unfortunately not. Last night of college tonight and they let us loose on the Macs - omg how much do I now covet one - I was stroking it and almost had to be prised off it at the end of the night.
I will try to save my pennies up I think.
...does your lucky jacket turn up after loosing it? In my case yup it does. It was even luckier than I thought. In case you don't know, I couldn't find it when I was leaving the boozer on Friday night. Went into work this morning and L said "I've got your jacket - really sorry but somehow I ended up wearing it to go home in" - she left before me so no wonder I couldn't find it :D. Dead chuffed as thus far I've always managed to avoid losing my jacket on a night out - I have left it in a cloakroom before but always got it the next day - I usually leave the losing to G.
That's it for tonight - off to dream of Mac, my new love.
ttfn xoxo

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4vc-room20 said...

Ah... my cunning plan worked. Glad you enjoyed using the Macs. [flame]Another convert from the "dark side" possibly?[/flame]