Monday, July 30, 2007

Where do they go??

The weekends that is - just seems to be Monday again so quickly. Was at D & B's wedding on Saturday. The service was at Linlithgow Palace, which is such a nice setting - was a great day and we were lucky to be sitting at a really good table later on with people we both knew (I was surprised when S knew as many people as I did - which wasn't a lot). Didn't decide what to wear until the morning, and opted for my pinkish skirt (cos it was a bit blowy and this skirt has a narrow lining). Drank far too much (even after we said we wouldn't) so just faffed around on Sunday. Have a v. sore ankle cos someone stood on my at the reception - quite swollen and going to have a cracking bruise in a few days (still only bruised rounde the outside of the swelling atm), so may be wearing trousers to the wedding reception we're going to next week.

Watched The Prestige at night - was really really good - would recommend it to everyone. Had a gripping storyline all the way and a really wicked twist in the tale at the end. I'm off to see Goldfinger tomorrow (they're only showing it at the cinema for one week) and The Simpsons on Thursday (spider pig, spider pig!!!) - turning into quite the movie buff these days.

Also finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - a bit disappointed that the series has come to an end, but we all knew that would happen and really it wouldn't have worked after they had all left Hogwarts and were out working - looks like it's be back to the new Stephen King one I abandoned halfway through.

Off now to clear out my bedroom drawers and shove the stuff into some storage boxes until I get new drawers, cos these ones have totally collapsed and are driving me nuts - serves me right for getting cheap ones - they really can't cope with heavy day-to-day use.

toodles xoxo


Hazel said...

Sounds like you had a good w/e, Kel - although shame about the ankle - ouch!!

Andrea said...

Hope the ankles ok, sounds like you had fun though

Maureen said...

Yes, so sad to see the HP series come to an end, but at least I can re-read them again at my heart's desire! (Well, that is until my daughter moves out...then I'll have to buy my OWN set!)