Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bad Bad Bad...

...blogger that I am - it's been over a week since I last updated, but I've been mega busy starting my clearout, going out and about and generally just hanging out with S.

Got a fair few pieces of jewellery and cards I must do this week - managed to get a couple of pendants done tonight so far, and hopefully a couple of pairs of earrings and shorten a necklace before the end of the night.

Got some cracking bumper 6x6 pads made by
The English Paper Company today, but they're probably not suitable for the cards I have to do this week (especially since one of the pads is for crimbo).

Went to a wedding reception with S on Saturday night. Was in
The Grosvenor Hotel in Edinburgh. Was really nice, but S and I nearly died when we ordered 2 small (teeny 125ml) glasses of house red and it came to £10.30!!! Luckily we found out it was just under £8 for a pint and a G&T so we stuck to them after that. As the Festival and Fringe are on at the moment there were extra late trains home, but my feet (clad in sensible flat sandals after hurting my ankle last week) blistered/ terribly cos we had to walk to Waverley in the pissing rain as the lateys weren't stopping at Haymarket :(:(:(. Couldn't do much on Sunday as feet were too sore and tender to burst the blisters (and one of them was chokka with blood) so just lay around all day - they were much better by yesterday though (lucky for me I'm a very quick healer).

Watched The Illusionist on Sunday night. It was really good, but I think I still preferred The Prestige (although the stories are both about magicians, there are very little other similarities). The acting was great though and the ending was quite sweet. It was more of a love story, whereas The Prestige was more of a tale of professional rivalry

S and I were off yesterday, so went into town to pay holiday. S got some shirts and shorts and stuff too. Then went to visit Mum and got roped into lifting a carpet and demolishing a wardrobe, but it was fun. Charley (sister's dog) was there as G & A were working, and she was being really naughty which isn't like her but was quite funny :D.

Nothing else to report cos went back to work today.

Will hopefully have some photos next time I post.

Toodles xoxo

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