Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Midweek Musings

Been really busy since I last updated on Friday - managed to get the new Harry Potter from Morrisons on Saturday night after many trials and tribulations. Not finished it yet as I'm savouring every page.

Was looking forward to chilling on Sat night, but D & G called after dinner wanting us to go out cos it was their first wedding anniversary, so ended up going out for a few drinks (good thing I can get ready in 5 minutes!!!)
Not made any cards yet this week, although will try and so some tonight. I did this jewellery last night - I really want to start spending some more time again on jewellery - just never seem to have enough hours in the day. The 2 necklaces are for Mum to give to people from work as little gifts now that she's retired.

The earrings are just for stock (haha that makes me sound so organised - in fact my "stock" consists of about 10 items!).

Off to see if I can be a bit productive tonight.

Toodles xoxo


Andrea said...

They're great I love the pink necklace

AnnaDrai said...

Thank you for visiting on my blog. Let me say to you are very talent. I love this creations!!!

mum on the run said...

Love all the jewellery, specially the pink flower earrings :)

Hmm, your stock levels sound the same as mine, LOL!!

Maureen said...

Ah! Beautiful jewellry!!! Hope you enjoy HP...I finished it last weekend and loved it!