Monday, July 02, 2007

Squishy Wishy

I have a sad admission to make - tomorrow I'm going to go and buy wellies for T in the Park - ugh ugh ugh me and ugly rubber footwear just don't go. Would like nice skull ones, but too lazy to look far and a bit skint (as per usual). Also managed to get a nice long summer skirt today just in case...(still the eternal optimist even though it's been pissing it down all weekend).

Have only made one card tonight (for B to give her bro for getting an MBE) so will do a scan tomorrow - more of a scrapbook style cos felt it would be good to add a photo.

Went to Linlithgow on Saturday afternoon and it was so nice (normally I just nip into Aldi then jump back in the car). Went for a walk around the loch where there are hundreds of swans (too scared to look them in the eye but I think they're quite used to people), some sort of giant mutant ducks which I really liked, some normal ducks and a sweet little jackdaw. Then walked round to the palace and saw a wedding coming out (I'm going to D's wedding there at the end of the month). Wedding looked nice enough, although it has to be said the bride's massive tattoo on her arm didn't really go with her frock.

Then walked along the High Street which was so nice cos mainly little individual shops instead of the normal M&S/Next/Superdrug/Top Shop etc etc (although I suppose it would drive me nuts if I lived there). Went into a lovely little craft shop, which had a really nice selection at reasonable prices. Also saw the most amazing cake shop called
Truly Scrumptious. I wondered if that was where M got her birthday cake, cos it was so cool and looked like the exploding ones. I'd love to try and do a fancy cake - perhaps later in the summer :D:D. Then S spotted a pet shop so we went in and finally managed to get a red tartan collar (which wasn't too pinky) for Charley, G's dog. Deffo going to go back again soon, but next time I'll take my camera so I can get some nice pics of the palace.
toodles xoxo

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