Thursday, July 05, 2007


... me timbers!!! When I looked at my new BG Scarlet's Letter pad which arrived on Tuesday it just screamed "vampires or pirates" at me. Then found out it was J's birthday next week, so thought I'd make this for her.

As well as one of the Scarlet's Letter papers, I cut out a flag and chalked the edges with white. I then added a skull & cross bones (cut using a BossKut die) and added lettering in QK Sunshine. I know you can't see the words very well, but I thought that made it sort of blend in wel with the background.

Really want to go away later in the year so picked up some holiday brochures to flick through over the next couple of days.

On a more sunny (or should that be showery) note, the weather forecast for T in the Park at the weekend seems to be changing hour-to-hour. Earlier today forecast was hot and bright sun - now it says it will be colder and pissing down - just need to play it by ear on the day I reckon.

toodles for now xoxo - may not be back for a couple of days if traffic home from TitP is bad.


Kathy said...

That card is such fun, Lisa!
Hope you enjoy the festival - I'll keep my fingers crossed it stays fine - actually we'd quite like a bit of "fine" down here too!esrlxtu

mum on the run said...

Great card, I love it!

Hope you have a grand time at T in the Park

Paula said...

Hope the weather stays nice for you

Jo said...

This is so yummy, that paper is fantastic with the skull on it :)

jo xx