Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miss Wet T-Shirt

Ok, I've lived in Scotland all my life, so I must either be missing all my faculties or lacking in something. Had to go to Edinburgh for a course this afternoon and, as the place didn't have a carpark, decided to train it. Finally found a space about half a mile from the station and toddled up, personal stereo shoved in ears.
Stupid bloody First Scotrain only put a 3-carriage train on (did no one think to tell them it's the middle of the school holidays???) so had to stand all the way (at least I had something to hold onto after I shoved past the halfwits clogging the door and stepped over a huge bag blocking the aisle). Started to rain a bit, but had stopped by the time I got to Waverley, so didn't think twice about it. Had a window seat at the course and after about an hour it really started to chuck down; "never mind" thinks Lisa the Optimist, "it'll dry up in time for me finishing"...
...needless to say it didn't!!!!
Luckily I was well attired for the unpredictable Scottish weather - NOT!!! I was wearing a light blue vest (luckily with a black cap-sleeved v-neck top over it!!) and flip flops - no jacket/cardigan. As I was crossing the road, looking in my bag on the off chance I had put a brolly in my flip flop went winging off my foot (it's really hard to keep them on when your feet are soaking wet). By the time I got back to Waverley I was soaked to the skin, the bit of vest that was showing was completely see-through, and my toes were all curled trying to keep the bloody flip flops on. I've got sort of hair that you muss up anyway, but it's just not the same when water drips into your eyes whilst mussing.
Stupid first board had wrong platform on it, and by the time I got to the right platform I had missed the train by about 35 seconds. Squelched feet a bit (well tried to stamp them) cos I had 15 mins to wait til the next train, but toddled off the the other side of the station. Managed to get a seat ok, but was drying off by then and I smelled really peculiar (sort of wet doggish).
Why do I never learn???????????? It's Scotland for goodness sake - if you're not going to take a coat at least take a brolly!!!!!!!!!!!!
Off for a nice smelling shower now.
Toodles xoxo


Hazel said...

What a day, Lisa! Hope you've enjoyed a lovely shower and are cosy and dry!

Maureen said...

LOL!!! Sorry to hear of your experience, but thanks for the laugh. You sound like me; I can just picture that flip flop a'flyin....

Paula said...

I shouldn't laugh really, should I?