Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whatever U Quant...

I made this for baby sis G's birthday (yeah I know it was in May but she's only just got her finger out and told me what she would like). Called it Mary Quant because of the little flowers and black and white (clear) colour. I used Swarovski bicone crystals in jet and clear in 4mm and 6mm, along with 8mm jet bicones and 8mm clear flowers, strung on a memory wire coil.

Going to try and do some stuff fore myself for going on holiday (got til Oct so should get something done). Will hopefully get something made later tonight, but must tackle a bit of tidying in this spare room first.

S gave me a Pixies tour DVD on Monday, which is absolutely fantastic - we watched it on Monday night (although S isn't a massive Pixies fan - he'll grow to like em though!!). Was looking for myself at the bonus track from T in the Park in 2004, but couldn't see myself.

Went to see Die Hard 4 last night. I'm not generally a lover of action films, but it was really really good (perhaps 20-30 mins too long towards the end, but I often think that about films). Would definitely recommend it :D:D:D

Since I'm on recommendations now, if you're looking for a hilariously funny book this summer, Chart Throb by Ben Elton is a must read. It's a total piss-take of all those X Factor/Pop Idol type shows and very very witty and clever.

Toodles xoxo


mum on the run said...

Ooh that's gorgeous!

Wish I had the patience (and talent) to create something like that!

Jo said...

Beautiful bracelet, just stunning! I keep meaning to find time to read chart throb, I'm guessing that it is all so true in a slightly not as much exagerated kind of way! I loved reading your bloggie bit about T in the park, it sounded so fab!

jo xx

Kathy said...

ooooh Lisa, what a beautiful bracelet - you've made my fingers itch towards my swarovski beads again - it's absolutely ages since I made antyhing beady