Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Why is it whenever I have a night planned out for making stuff my mind just seems to go a complete blank? I only ever seem to be able to come up with stuff when I'm on a mega-tight deadline! Left work on time tonight, had early dinner and bath and have now been sitting for almost an hour thinking of what cards/jewellery I could make and I just can't think of a single thing. I should be making a stock of cards/jewellery stuff in my attempt to one day sell a decent amount, but just faffing about on T'internet instead.

I'll do a little book review whilst I'm here though...finished The Sound of Laughter by Peter Kay. It is seriously funny - virtually the whole way through it I could imagine him relating the stories in his stand-up. Gave it to S after I finished it and judging by the laughing last night he'll be giving it the tumbs-up too.

Also started Resident Evil 4 on the PS2, but not very good at shooting games - graphics great thought and I'll hopefully get the hang of the controls soon (actually so restless tonight not in the mood for playing games either. Have sort of given up on Broken Sword III even though I reckon I'm near the end of the game, not because it's difficult or anything - just very boring, which was a big disappointment as I loved the other 2.

Off to hope some ideas spring into my empty head.

toodles xoxo

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