Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pain in the Neck...

...still isn't away, but going to chiropractor tomorrow, so hopefully should be on the mend for the weekend.
Still not got a Cuttlebug either (need to wait and see how much quack charges me tomorrow), but put my other cutters up for sale on Ebay, so will need to get it ordered soon. Also want a couple of the new Bosskut flower dies.
Planted all my tubs with plants on Saturday, and now less than 50% of them are left - I used to love rabbits, but now I would shoot em if I had a gun. Need to think of something different to plant next year.
Gorgeous sunny day today, going to go to seaside at weekend if it's still nice.
Got a couple of necklace orders last night and a couple of card orders today, so will be busy even if the weather isn't as nice.
Off to grab a drink and put a heatpack on my neck.
toodles xoxo


Miss Fee said...

sorry to hear your neck is still sore =(
You should invest in a Wii and get Raving Rabbis that way you get to shoot rabbits (with a plunger i might add) the "humane" way lol.
Off to a wedding this weekend so will need to catch one weekend when we both aren't so busy!
Enjoy the seaside this weekend its supposed to be glorious sunshine =)

maggieb said...

Aw Lisa sorry to hear your neck is still giving you bother.I know how it feels i have back,neck & shoulder pain.