Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday Catchup (even though it's Tuesday)

Took a day's holiday yesterday so had a nice long weekend. Back at work today and Spanish tonight though and really tired for some reason. Neck still hurting like a hurty thing and really beginning to get me down. According to Doc trapezius muscle keeps going into spasms which sort of explains why it's so painful and why I can't turn my head more than a couple of centimetres to the left. Unfortunately not a lot I can do about it apart from antiinflammatories, heat pack every night and try to stretch it out. B and I were hoping to get back to the gym, but Doc advised against it so looks like I may need to do a no eating plan instead.

Weekend was good. S fitted his old surround sound system in my living room so it's really good now. Mum took me, G, S & A for dinner on Sat night for me and G's birthdays - meal was really nice but I nearly choked when G made me laugh when I was taking a drink of wine - I hate when this happens - twice in one month now. S's Mum & Dad invited us round for dinner on Sun, so we had mega full tummies by Sunday night.
Mum wants me and G to go shopping in Glasgow on Sat as well. I've said I'll go but won't stay much longer than an hour as that is the absolute extreme of my shopping patience. Would really like a pair of pink shoes though :D:D

Really looking forward to meeting up with R & L on Sun. I won't have much money to spend (nothing new there!) but would like a couple of Cuttlebug dies and a couple of 6x6ish paper pads.
Would like to make a couple of bracelets before spanish (and maybe something else when I get home) although I really should be tidying this room up - will try to get that done tomorrow though cos neck might not be quite as sore. Have put a couple of photos up of room when I first did it last year to shame me into getting my fat arse into gear!!! - no way would I put up a photo of now!!

ttfn bloggy-types xoxoxo


Rachel said...

looks tidy to me hehe xx

Freckles said...

I've seen that cupboard a lot less tidy ; ) Sorry to hear that you are so uncomfortable - hopefully it will right itself soon. Full parental weekend for you ; ) Can't wait to come through and meet S. xx

Lynne.x said...

Sorry to hear your neck is still giving you problems Lisa.

Really looking forward to Sunday too - see you then..x

Dollydimps said...

Add N to the list for Sunday! ;)
We'lll help you carry your stash if you still have a hurty neck xx

Kathy said...

oh Lisa, that neck sounds really painful - I hope it gets better soon - maybe you need to get some sun on it eh? ;-)

Don't worry about your craftspace - you should see mine atm - it's messier than ever - and I'm NOT taking photos either!

maggieb said...

Aw Lisa i know how you feel about your neck i have had problems with mine for years now.Cant take only take pain killers for mine.Doc said it sounds like sponodylitis.Just need to keep moving it as much as i can or it will seize up.