Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Oriental

Nicked the title from a gorgeous bar in London where Sheelagh and I the best bellinis ever (but take your credit card!!!)
This is the card I made last night for M to give to O. I very rarely do A4 folded in half cards as I find them a bit big to fill properly, but just managed to squeeze this little sweetie in. For the second night in a row I hand drew my image, then traced round the individual shapes and made them a bit bigger to have something to stick then cut out in paper (BG Blush again), then drew round the outline in a black cd marker (it was all I could find that wasn't too thick) to give the sleeves and face atc a bit more emphasis). Background is actually Blonde Moments (all my BG pads are 6 x 6 so too small for this one). Writing is a font called Japanese and I printed in English beneath it - kept this to Verdana cos thought the Japanese style needed a very crisp clean western font (plus I sort of have this thing about Verdana).

Got a lovely piece of unexpected mail through the post today, so been hotel hunting for a bit :D:D

Need to do my card for O too as her birthday is on Sunday and I'm off work on Friday.

Oh and before I go, a question - How come every time I get on a half-empty train on my own the guy who is completely pissed by lunchtime and on the wrong train sits next to me? Last time it was some nutter who had just been let out of prison with a bottle of buckie in his pocket!!! I'll leave you to dwell on that one little bloggy-types.

Toodles xoxo


Leigh said...

Oooooooooh that is such a cute card. lol at your train journeys, think its the law of the sod.

mum on the run said...

Aww Lisa, that's sooo cute!! Great use of the BG paper

Kate said...

Love these little oriental chics, keep seeing them on things,might have to have a go. Thanks for visiting me!