Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A bit knackered tonight cos had an early start today and another tomorrow, but hopefully not on Friday cos got a retirement dinner on Friday night.

My Texturz starter kit arrived this morning - super speed delivery considering I only ordered it yesterday afternoon. Have now tried out the texture plates in Meany Greeny and they work a treat. Mucho thanks to
Jo for giving me a link to plate sizes etc to use.
S invited me down for dinner before he went to practice tonight - I so love getting dinner cooked for me (even though I also love cooking), plus he got me a pressie!!!!! Snakes on a Plane DVD, which I absolutely loved when I saw it - can't wait to try it out on my widescreen and surround sound :D:D Going to try to go to Berwick again for a couple of days next month although will need to be one of the middle weekends cos of T in the Park at the beginning of the month and D & B's wedding at the end.
C and A coming round next Friday so going to throw a belated birthday party for C with a nice dinner and cake and stuff - may even play some Buzz Music Quiz or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on the PS2 or manual Trivial Pursuit - I love games but I'm not the best loser!!
Only downside to stuff is that neck is giving me a bit gyp (sp?) again, but going to keep an eye on it (not literally, obviously) and will go back to Mr Chiro if it doesn't get better by next week.
Toodles for now bloggy-types

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Dollydimps said...

busy busy lady!!!
I've stopped playing buzz on the ps2 due to being constantly beaten by a 9 year old :-(