Monday, June 11, 2007

I can move my head again!!!!!!!!!!

Wooohooo went to the chiropractor on Thursday and now I can move my head!! Only now realising just how sore it was though, as still a bit stiff. Everyone said I'd be sore after the treatment but to be honest the aftermath was only about 50% as sore as I was before I went.
Got loads of enthusiasm now for stuff, so hopefully I'll start to make a big dent into my to do list (which is now longer than both arms and legs put together).
Had a great weekend - went up to Mum's on Sat cos she was away for the weekend - just chilled in the garden with S and caught some rays. Went to see J & P in their new house on Sat night - was well impressed with it.
Didn't do much apart from chill & watch DVDs on Sun. I love American Gothic :D:D
Back to work today, but really wasn't in the mood - think if it is a warm sunny day we should get sent home!!!!
toodles for a bit xoxo

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