Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Apple a Day

This is the final card in the bunch of 4 L asked me to do. I'm so addicted to the new(ish) Basic Grey papers - I used to find them a bit wallpapery/dreary for me, but the newer batch are so nice and colourful. Drew out the apple on bog standard white paper then cut it out and traced round it. Chalked the outline of the apple and backing paper (another thing I'm now addicted to). Alphabet is the ever-versatile QK Sunshine.

Below is what Mr Postie brought me today: CB Embossing folder - Bloom Dots, BossKut Dies - Design a Flower (x4) and Skull & Crossbones, plus a nice free gift :D:D

Off to Spanish shortly then back to do O's card - have totally exhausted all my ballet-related stuff for her over the last couple of years, so found out she likes those little dumpy wooden Japanese dolls (forget what they're called), so will have a bash at one of those.

Toodles xoxo


Leigh said...

Fab card and lovely goodies too :)

mum on the run said...

Your card is gorgeous!!

I see the Cuttlebug fairy visited you too? LOL.. love the look of the Bosskut dies, I haven't got any of the flower ones.. yet!!