Monday, June 25, 2007


... that's me. Not really slept the last couple of nights (for no reason) so it's catching up on me now especially as still really busy at work. Off on Friday though - can't wait!!! Only booked it today, but it now gives me plenty time to get ready for C coming round. Got D's hen night on Sat too - can't believe how quicily it's all come around.

Made this card for J's birthday last Thursday. If you read this, hope you had a great time at Madam Butterfly :D:D

Off to make a teacher card for L now, then bath and early night with any luck!!!

Toodles xoxo


Leigh said...

Fab card, hope you get your early night.

Jo said...

Gorgeous card :) Hope your neck is feeling mucho better

Jo xx

mum on the run said...

Lovely card!!

Hope you're better in time for the hen night

Freckles said...

I agree its a lovely card it got pride of place in my living room. Opera was fab too : 0 x