Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lazy Days

Plans for today got changed last night - not now going to Edinburgh til tomorrow so have basically faffed around doing nothing - was going to get dressed a few minutes ago then I realised it was 17:00 so hardly worth it. Will just wait til about 20:00 now.
Stupid blogger won't add photos to my posts for some reason - it seems to upload them ok, but they just don't show, which has made me mad cos I wanted to post some of my holiday ones.
Not much else to report - getting hair done on Tuesday - can't wait. Saw a couple of nice tops for the autumn weather, but should really wait until car has had MOT on Thu as don't get paid for another couple of weeks.
I'm determined tonight to make some cards and stuff - but I just never seem to get round to it - really having problems getting to grips with the dark nights.


Saffa said...

Aww Lisa, Just take it easy and enjoy the lazy days! Talking abot MOTs better check when ours is due!!!!!!

Do we get to see any creations this evening?


Rachel said...

Hiya Lisa

have you sussed out the photos yet - we need to see some holiday ones hehe, oh and if you make any cards them too hehe xxxx