Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday tales

At the moment I'm sort of living in a fuzzy-headed, open-mouthed blur. I reckon this is how it feels to be a bit thick. At least I'll be back to normal tomorrow with any luck.

Had the most random thoughts though - examply - was sitting at work today at SW's desk looking out the window watching the lorries come in and out and into my head popped "I wonder when the queen will die" Does she resemble a container lorry - perhaps; is it because I saw a bit about that film with Helen Mirren playing the queen - perhaps. Who knows the random thoughts of me.

One good thing - Superdrug just round from work has started selling Barry M make-up - prepare to see me with a different look every day!!!!

Question, little bloggy-type readers - do any of you have WoW - I want it so much and I need many tales of it's greatness.

Where do all the hours go - I've been home from work for 4 hours and all I've managed to do is a couple of cards.

TTFN - off for a cup of hot orange.

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