Friday, September 08, 2006

No Space but lots of Oddity

Well, I wasn't up in space, but odd things in abundance today.

Firstly I ate a Japanese chocolate this morning - "that's not not odd Lisa" you'd think, but it was. It had this thick sort of flavourless jelly stuff round it dusted with cocoa and some not very sweet chocolate in the middle. Wouldn't rush to eat another one - give me a peanut butter kitkat or toffee crisp any day.

Secondly I was driving into town at lunchtime to see if the Superdrug there had something I wanted but the one round from work didn't (it was a completely wasted journey) and a saw a motorcycle with a sidecar, which in itself isn't an every occurrance round here. Even more peculiar was that in the sidecar was sitting A DOG!!!!! and he wasn't even wearing a helmet. Actually it made me smile so much. I now have a new ambition - to have a dog in a sidecar.

Then when I was in town I am sure I saw the girl who used to cut my hair when I used to go to Vidal Sassoon in Glasgow - she walked out suddenly the day before my last appointment there and I ended up with one of the worst cuts I've ever had in my life. I will need to find out if she's working though here now (although I really like the way the hairdresser I have now cuts my hair). Didn't want to go up and ask her as it's been over 2 years since she cut my hair and if it wasn't her, it might have freaked her out a bit having some randomer coming up to her in the street.

Got some nice eyeshadows and make-up stuffs today, so the next time you see may I will be nice and metallic and shiny.

I'll post more if anything else happens...


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