Monday, September 04, 2006

All of a flutter

OMG I nearly killed a big falcon/kestral type bird tonight on the way home. It flew really slowly in front of my only about 3 feet above the ground. I was singing at the top of my voice (along to Alanis you'll be pleased to know, Matty) so perhaps my sweet voice seduced it. Got the fright of my life though, cos thus far I've managed not to kill anything on the roads.

Met my new neighbour tonight - he seems ok - he wanted to borrow a screwdriver to put a bulb in the outside light - hehe I'm so used to the lights always being out I barely even notice it.

Still choked with cold - have 3 cards to make tonight and can't decide whether to do them before my bath or have a nap and do them after. I am useless at minor decisions like this.
That's all for tonight - too hideously ugly to write anything more - bad hair/red nose/runny eyes/tingly lips - the stuff of fantasies or what!!



Jane said...

its a shock when birds fly right at you isn't it ? A big wood pigeon flew at me yesterday while I was hanging out the washing ! scared the life out of me!

Freckles said...

I once hit a rabbit on the way to FP. Tim (the graduate guy) made me feel awfully guilty by introducing me to the idea that I might have killed the daddy rabbit. And if I did that then the whole family would suffer because who would be the provider and eventually they would all die, so in fact I hadn't killed just one family but a whole rabbit family - I nearly cried!!

LisaBabe said...

Jane, I got the fright of my life (and it would have made a massive dunt in the car).

Aww sweetie, I'll bash Tim for you next time I see him, although he's not in CH much. If he still works in the pub in Stirling I'll trip him up next time I'm in.